Monday, April 18, 2016

Animals Gone Wild

So I mentioned the lizard that bit the four year olds face..

literally two days later Sister C and I are in the car

we felt a bump

back left tire

"What was that?"

"Sister C, you just ran something over."

"Oh my gosh I hope it wasn't someones pet."

We turn around and drive back to find the biggest jack rabbit I have ever seen 


Sister C assured me it was dead, but I was worried that it might somehow be alive because it was twitching. 

"Turn around and go run it over again."


*drives back to little bunny foo foo

"What if I miss it?"

"You didn't miss it the first time and it was moving."

She missed it.

but we had places to be so we left.

I am no doctor, nor am I a veteranarian

but I am confident that jack rabbit is dead.

unfortunate little critter

(that thing was huge)

The next day at Paul and Paulas we noticed Sweetie was acting kind of strange

Paula gave her a valium because there was a thunderstorm 
and Paula didn't want Sweetie to have a heart attack


"Sweetie was so stoned, like she checked out medusa"

okay I'm joking

Paula didn't give sweetie a valium, but she did give her some sleeping pills

and Sweetie was a little stoned

but she is doing okay now. 

Seriously though I love Paul and Paula like I love my own grandparents.  And sweetie is pretty great too;)

Paul story of the week: "One time I put a huge lion head mask on my head and scared a drunk old lady with it.  I was in the bushes by her pool and I grabbed her leg.  She screamed and kicked me in the face about three times before I was able to climb out of the bush and get the lion head off."


I was initiated into the South

by walking into our apartment the next day to find a huge roach

They crawl up the drains

and they're fast


the roaches here are huge and FAST

so that's fun

lots of animal shenanigans


I went on exchanges with sister Holmes and she is absolutely amazing in every way. 

I thank my Father in heaven for letting Sister Holmes come to this neck of the woods so that I could serve with her for her last transfer.

She taught me so much on exchanges!  
Her powerful testimony and ability to teach with faith to move mountains is incredible. 

Crazy thing I found out later--she is adorable and wrote me a note.

The reason why this is so crazy is because when I was in seminary in high school with Caden Holmes (my friend) his little brother was also in that class.  In seminary we wrote notes to everyone in the class and I brought those notes on my mission to motivate me to kill it in Florida.

So pretty much... I have motivational inspiring words from three of the Holmes household in my possession.  There is only one other sibling I have yet to acquire advice from, but I will be contacting her shortly ;) 

Summary: I love the Holmes family. 

A woman we have been working with and love to the moon and back lost her son a couple of days ago.  He lived with her because he had muscular dystrophy.  Sister C and I were able to meet with her and her husband the day after he passed away and had a very spiritual, tender experience.  It was wonderful.  I truly felt the Saviors love for them and their son, and I felt the sadness as well.  It was a further testimony to me of the realness of the gospel, and a Father in Heaven that lost His Son. 

They were sorrowful, but happy that their son is out of the pain of his mortal physical prison.  Heavenly Father must have hurt to see HIs other children mocking the Savior and causing Him pain to the point of death, but it was a joyful occasion as well that Jesus was out of pain and that HE accomplished the greatest most central part of the plan of God for us.  The atonement. 
We testified this (Sister C and I) that because of the atonement, these two awesome people can feel peace and comfort and someday see their son again. 

This brought back a lot of memories for me and my childhood friend Kennedy who passed away from a terminal illness called Juvenile Batten Disease..  

I love that girl.  I will see her again, and she won't be in a wheelchair.  She won't be blind, and she will be just as kind as she always was.  She has been looking out for me I can say that with full confidence. 

Her journey can be found here...

Angels whether they be people in our lives, or people that were in our lives, or people that will be in our lives or people that aren't even living... Angels are for real.  They are answers to prayer. 
"I will send my angels round about you to bear you up"

LINDSEY is one of these angels in my life.




coincidence? I THINK NOT

Before Sister C leaves I am going to squeeze her to death for two reasons

1. So she can remember me forever and it will hold her over until I am finally home to go stalk her in California or Utah or wherever she may be. (Maybe I'll accidentally run into Lindsey;)

2. So that when she tracks down Lindsey (Sister Rendon) she can give some of that hug to her for me. 

Linds & me after driving 5 hours from SUU to open my call...


there is nothing that God has not worked out for us

all we have to do is trust in Him and do His will



Make it a good day:)


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