Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dear Future Sisters

If you are going on a mission, and you hate shopping, here's some advice.


I'm joking..

but for real

Just accept the fact that you are going to have to spend hours of shopping for obvious things like



and such

then you will spend eternity buying random things like





scripture references

missionary handbook

other books

the undies you need


rain boots

alarm clock



photo album



pillow case



jump rope

etc etc etc etc

If you do love shopping, I guarantee you won't love picking out razors and nail clippers.

Either way there are some things I bought that weren't even on the packing list

that are must haves

So here are some ideas in case you feel the provided packing list left out some details

lint roller because who knows

scissors, for those pesky split ends

shoe inserts

a lanyard (thank you Bella) for the card that you absolutely cannot

lose in the MTC

bobby pins hair ties

a coloring book for when you are trying to teach a lesson

and the little cuties are distracting

(also bring colored pencils and a sharpener)

one of those face masks in a packet from Walmart,

it will provide something to look forward to

if you're anything like me

its the little things

Norwex Makeup remover rag. Literally all you need to do is get it

wet and it takes your make up off. You boil it to wash it once in a

while and walaahh! No more make up wipes that run out

no more chemicals on your face

just a simple rag and water.

I am bringing two blankets of mine to make it feel more like home

earplugs. I recently received some advice about this from someone in

my stake. She said to get earplugs and I thought, of course!

I might have a comp that snores. Perfect! She said

"Get earplugs so you don't have to hear your roomies crying."


Okay but what if I'm crying, do they help with that too?


of course!

my mom is a genius, with all the service you do as a missionary

I'm willing to bet I'll be breaking those bad boys out

more than once. If not, I'll let you know.

Okay this isn't mind blowing, but work out shorts that aren't tight are just

about impossible to find. no lie.

I found mine from: my moms closet


and Sam's Club

literally everywhere else the only loose

ones they had were pants

and hell only knows what it's like

to run in Florida

wearing sweat pants

If you're going to Florida or somewhere else humid

get some waterproof spray and spray everything

I haven't done this because Utah just doesn't understand

waterproof spray so I'm told

but I will be purchasing a can when I get there no worries

I'm bringing a picture of my favorite temple

and the classical soundtrack to Finding Neverland

a photo album of my family

my air freshener plug-in scentsy with pine scented melting squares

I just doubt pine is a common scent in Florida

and what is Christmas if it doesn't smell like a pine tree?

Also: It's Lindsey's fave smell so it will remind me of her

I will also take some of the best advice evvvveeerrr with me

I have run into just the right people at just the right times to help me

to continue in faith toward my goal.


I am still sane and have not yet suffered from a single

break down about the matter

I'm about to share some secrets to success

from a few different people

things that changed their missions

or simply just good advice

and things that have helped calm my nerves

I have to be honest

because I have seen so many people I love and know put on a brave face and I commend them but getting to this point of leaving has some major hardships

I recently admitted to my aunt that I was worried

I have cousins and friends that did not seem nervous at all

I heard them talk about how much peace they were feeling

so now about to go on this mission

I wondered what was wrong with me.

Why am I a bundle of nerves

what happened to the excitement I felt after opening my call

It was gone

she explained to me that what I had seen on the outside was not at all

what was going on the inside

I felt better just knowing it's not abnormal to feel this way right

before you leave.

Something that completely changed my perspective was a

conversation with my bestie Lindsey Jean

she basically said

"you knew this would happen. you knew the adversary would try to stop you"

It's true, I have heard returned missionary after returned

missionary express to me the difficulties they felt right before leaving they told me Satan would be working on me really hard. The temptations would be strong.

My problem, was that I was thinking about temptations that would

lead me to be unworthy to go. I forgot about the other ways Satan

works. In "Multiple Doses"

I think the adversary was aware that I was preparing

myself for physical temptation, and so along with that

he went another route.

an unexpected way to get at me anyway he can before I leave.


it's like taking the nervousness one step more in a direction

you don't want to go

when Lindsey brought that to my attention

it was like a load was lifted off my shoulders

he wasn't pushing as hard as to make it so I COULDN'T serve

a mission

he was working a lot harder on making it so I wouldn't WANT to serve

a mission

as soon as I recognized that those feelings came from Hell

that's exactly where I told them to go

I have felt so much better

and when doubt of the uncertain starts to hit me

I pray

and I remind myself

Those thoughts and worries are not my own

because faith and fear cannot coexist

thank heavens for my Father in Heaven

that allows me to learn lessons such as this

that I might truly be able to

"Press forward having a perfect brightness of hope,

and a love of God and of all man."

2nd Nephi 31: 20

Not only do I not have to do this alone, but I have people to help.

advice from Ammon: The Mortal Christ changed my mission.

Jamie: Sometimes I'd be teaching what I thought was a mind blowing lesson about the plan of

salvation and eternal life, the spirit would humble me and say

 "just tell them that I love them"

I would then relay that to the investigator and tears would stream down their face.

We take for granted the knowledge that there is a God watching over us,

our father, that loves us. That information, will change lives.

Squidney: read the talk by Elder Holland Missionary Work and the Atonement.

Logan Hunter

(whom I don't really even know I just ran into him at the store when I needed this advice)

If you can figure this out now, it will change your mission.

When you are down because you've knocked on doors

all day and not gotten in a single one

and you just want to quit

remember what my companion said to me

"You don't understand the law of sacrifice. Sacrifice, is

doing what you know you should do

when you absolutely do. not. want. to. do. it."

also: about four months into my mission I started to

think "wow. I still have twenty months. That's a long time."

followed quickly by

"it's okay. It's going to be just fine"

from then on I wasn't homesick

and time flew.

Jared: Serve your companions. Especially if you can't stand them.

Make sure everything you do is in companionship with the

spirit. You won't teach people, your conviction

and the spirit will. Even though it's tough to get

up early and and work all day, because

you're set apart and being obedient

you'll be invigorated each day.

Nick: Use your talents. You're sent to where you're sent

for a reason. You'll be surprise what your talents

can do for people.

Heremmi: be grateful for what you have

because when it's over it feels like a dream.

Quade: Have a positive attitude. Quade didn't

tell me this it's just what I've learned from him.

There was a time when he was getting small

boulders chucked right at his head.

I thought he was telling me to talk about

a hard experience on his mission

instead he said to me

"Isn't that great?!"

I was like



"I got stoned like the prophets of old!!"

It hit me right then and there

it's about attitude

it's about perspective.

that's one of the many things

I've learned from Quade.

Boston: Service.

another thing I have learned just by paying attention.

he truly is such a good man

always looking out for ways to

serve even if they seem small

walking with my grandma

up and down the stairs

opening doors

and cleaning up after people

at Costa Vida so the

workers wouldn't have to do it

Shay: Don't wish it a way before you know it

you're done. She also taught me

what it truly means to be refined

through trials.

My dad: Be obedient

one hundred percent

have fun

Miki: the first day is long and hard

it feels like drinking from a firehose

but it is so so so fun and rewarding

Misty: Don't be a weirdo

be yourself and you will

make a huge difference.

Paxton: Don't let the amount of time

effect your ability to be a great missionary

don't have the false idea that you have

to wait to change into a great one

just be one.

Braden: Enjoy everything. People get serious

but they forget to enjoy it.

Nanny and Grandpa: Love the people and

love God.


but sisters

you'll get you're own amazing advice

and if you don't

just read the words of the Savior

the greatest missionary of all time.


as much as it feels

after all the goodbyes

like you are going to the front lines of battle

feel at peace

even though you are



Sister Saunders

Make It A Good Day