Monday, July 18, 2016

Angels Round About Me (the Blue kind)

I <3 the Costlows and also their view...


It's a great day to be a Silverwolf, or even a Thunderbird, but an even better day to be a

Blue Angel 

Here are some quick updates --because I spoke in church yesterday, I spent every ounce of spare time preparing for that so this post will be short and sweet :)

We had the priviledge of being invited to see the Blue Angels show this past week with President Taylor, the Elders, and the cutest couple missionaries in the area.

It was breath takingly amazing. 

these speedy fast jets for the military fly THREE FEET APART 

three feet people...

that's like, not much more than my body length apart from each other going faster than the speed of sound and doing spins, turns, and dives. 


Update 2: The Hogans gave me marriage advice this week. This may seem kind of weird, but it was a spiritual highlight of the week because of the way I felt when they were talking.

You know how you can hear something, maybe even a dozen times, or just another time, but then there's just that one time that you hear something and it all just clicks and everything said just hits you like a wall?  Yeah that's what happened.

Brother Hogan gave me a check list to remember (far...     FAR    down the road)

Does He: 
go to the temple regularly
do his home teaching
honor his priesthood
daily prayer and scripture study

these are the qualities that are essential

Sister Hogan's advice: 
"People will tell you when you're married you need to meet half way.  Each of you go 50/50. They're wrong.
You BOTH need to SERVE each other 100% with no thoughts of getting/expecting anything in return."

I love that. 

Update number 3: 
Chandler is getting baptized in TWO WEEKS

PRAY FOR HIM and his family. 

I have decided what the most rewarding best thing about being a missionary is

the testimony of a recent convert

Chandler is almost a baptized member, but he is already a recent convert. 

"I have never been more happy in my life. I have had struggles, hard times, but now I feel happiness. I thank God for you two coming to share Jesus with me everyday."

And so on and so forth, the Spirit is so strong at these moments, it is by far the BEST THING EVER.

Update number 4: when we walk into Dominos, all the workers say


 they say things like "We don't have food for any mormons..."

Then they ring us up a free pizza and throw in delicious deserts that we didn't even order.

Update 5: 

I love ya'll so big. 

Thank you for being so kind, Nanny & Gramps, Grandma Pat, Sister Hadley, Sister Curtis, The Pride, Mom, Dad, you all make my life so happy when I get a letter from you, or your sweet packages and love.

Thank you Linds, Walli and Mass!

 I will have some time today so be checking your mail boxes :)

 Thank you especially for your prayers. <3

President and Sister Taylor gave me a shirt with my favorite scripture on it:) I <3 the Taylors!

Until next week, 

Stay Cool even though it's probs not 117 degrees 100% humidity wherever you are, it's still way too hot.

Make it a great day!

Love me, a sister missiona(Ry)