Monday, August 8, 2016

Faith Over Fear In Florida

Five Sisters Blues Cafe~Pensacola, Florida

I have little next to no time
 here are the updates

-Chandler is getting baptized Tuesday morning and it's not even because I'm leaving, it's because Brother Bradbury the one he wants to baptize him is going out of town for a while and Chandler wants to be baptized so he can go on the youth temple trip to do baptisms the end of the month. It just so happens Brother Bradbury is leaving Wednesday, and I am leaving Tuesday afternoon which means MY LAST DAY IN GULF BREEZE WILL BE SPENT AT A BAPTISM SURROUNDED BY THE WARD THAT I HAVE GROWN TO LOVE THE PAST SIX MONTHS.

-Oh yeah. I'm being transferred. 

Good bye Gulf Breeze~I'll miss you!

-I will be going to Crestview Florida 
(also known as Crestucky.. because it is similar to Kentucky? I'm not sure.)  
I'm white washing which means both my new comp and I will be new to the area 
and we have been called as a Sister Training Leaders--STLs.
Please Pray For Me. 

-I am excited and nervous/overwhelmed/shocked.

-The goodbyes have been the most painful thing ever. 

-more goodbyes today and tomorrow


-this week I have been spoiled by the people of Gulf Breeze between Sister Caree taking us to P-Cola for The Bodatious Olive, olive oil tasting and lunch, and Paul and Paula taking us to P-Cola for a dinner at the most Southern restaurant I've ever been to for Fried Chicken and Waffles, and the Baxters making us home made pizza, AND the Brumbalows feeding us steak and giving me presents they made/bought because I'm leaving.. And the most kind letter anyone has ever written me from Chandler who is getting baptized tomorrow, my last week as a missionary in Gulf Breeze was a mixture of mercy, a miracle, and many delicious meals. 

-Our afflictions really were a small moment, and the good of this week has far outweighed our recent troubles. 

I'm a lucky girl!

The Costlows <3

-President called "I have exciting news for both of you actually" Pyper is training!!!! I am already a grandma... wut. She will be great. 

-Sister Baxter sent us a text that made my whole day.

"Haven picked Beauty and The Beast for movie night.  Avalon says, "Mom did you know one of the Sister Missionaries is Belle." 
"Oh yeah? Who?"
"Sister Saunders.  The missionary that went home whispered it to me once and said "it's a secret" :)

lol Kymmber, who knew you would still be making me happy three months after you left. 

 Seriously though... I LOVE THE BAXTERS.

and Gulf Breeze

and Sister Pyper.

And Ya'll.

Talk to ya next week.  Make it a good one.


August 3rd, 2016   SIX MONTHS!

I was here;)


Please pray for Connor~he had brain surgery.  He is one tough kid!