Monday, August 22, 2016

Ready: Break.

I found a tree in Florida that shows signs of Fall, made my whole life happy #faveseason #fall

Hi everyone. 

So here's the situation: short blog coming up

I know, you're all bummed. ;)

Less reading for you right? You're welcome. 


Something I have learned since being on His mission

  repentance is not a scary word.

It's not a shameful word, or discouraging. 

It is hopeful, joyful, and leads to fulfillment and happiness.

Repentance is not something we do to just fix what's broken
but to take something ordinary and natural, and make it whole
 and strong. 

As I have watched the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost influence peoples lives, a change has begun to take place. 
The way that is even possible 
is by their ability to open their hearts to it, and people will most likely do that when  they are invited to do so. 

Our purpose as missionaries 
is to INVITE OTHERS to come unto Christ. 
The Others mentioned in our purpose, in turn have two options: they either accept the invitation, or they don't. 

As they accept the invitation to come unto Christ they are essentially accepting the invitation to REPENT. 
To use the atonement, to access it.
And how do we access the atonement FULLY in our lives? 

How do we show our gratitude for the gift Christ has given us by overcoming physical and spiritual death? 

We use it. 

What good is a gift if we don't use it?

The steps to using it are simple. 

1. Faith. 
     2. REPENT. 
      3. Baptism. 
                                 4. Receive the Holy Ghost. 
    5. Endure. 

As people accept the invitations missionaries and ward members and ultimately the Lord extend to them, they by their actions are repenting. 

1. more thing

Repentance is more than just saying sorry and not doing it again. 

Our actions are the way we LEARN heaven
 and our good choices are acts of repentance as we seek to 
be good and do good

It's amazing how that all works. :) 

 Paul and Paula drove all the way here to visit me, yeah they are the most amazing people in the universe. They took us to dinner and gave us food for our bare cupboards.
(we moved into the Elders apartment.. nuff said)

I am eternally grateful for Paul and Paula. 
And my family friends, and Jesus Christ and the gospel and the atonement and basically everything else falls under that. 

 The Corbin fam
(Madison had surgery today, I love her so much keep her in your prayers)

I am happy and healthy and learning more than I ever have.

Much Love<3

Make it a great day!

Sister Masi and Red came to visit for a min on their way to the doctor

p.s. Pray for us to find new 'gators


-Sister Saunders