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I am blessed to be able to say I have whole bunch's of best friends.
 I have friends: the friends I have had in the past that I still consider my current friends even if I haven't seen them in years. Friends that I currently have which is basically everyone I meet as soon as I meet them regardless of age gender or even IQ (A little iffy about the IQ one;) the friends I haven't met yet, and my current homies that I would consider my besties. My sisters.
You have already met three but the introductions have been a little hazy.. My fault I apologize though! I have six. So. I'm going to do a brief introduction to all of them... For journaling purposes, and to hopefully create a small window of understanding for everyone, especially them, as to just how much I love and appreciate each and every single person I am about to mention.



The Trinity/Murder/Pride

Homecoming parade 2k14

We could never decide. Most people like to have their crew or their gang, we wanted something different. First we came up with the trinity, but then I had the idea of the Pride. Like a pride of lions. How sick is that? Then I read somewhere that a flock of crows is called a Murder. So basically we had to settle with all three. But mostly The Pride, if you ask me.
*This is how we find each other in a crowded room if we are lost. And sometimes in a non crowded room just for fun


Lindsey Rendon:

selfie at the rodeo

 I met this lady in Jr. High but our friendship didn't really start until Cheer in ninth grade. We never hung out, we didn't know each other super well, but for some reason in some way or another we decided that we were going to be "Picture Buddies"
We took a bunch of hilarious pictures all of the time. By hilarious I mean, super weird but kind of endearing, in a goofy way. Sophomore year went by and our friendship was sort of missing in action, then junior year Lindsey decided to try out for the drill team which I had already been on for my sophomore year, and she made it. Not too long after that we were basically inseparable and she means the world to me no lie. We are going to take over SUU this fall, I am so excited to be her roommate. We decided that to avoid conflict.. we would make some ground rules. I will kill all of the mice, (she hates mice more than anything) and she will do laundry. I feel like I have the less difficult job, but I will not complain about it. Some fun facts about Lindsey: If you put your hand on her shoulder she will freak out because one time, she swears she had a skeleton hand squeezing her shoulders and she turned around to see.. nothing. So now it always freaks her out which is great because if she is doing something I don't want her to like embarrassing me or stealing my phone, all I have to do is squeeze her shoulder and whatever was going on will end because she is more likely than not cussing me out and dropping whatever it is she was doing at the moment.. ;)
She loves ice. Can't get enough of it. We already know if we are out to eat one of us is going to order a separate cup just for ice just for her. She is also one of the most kind people I have ever met. She is a sweetheart and always on the go to serve. She is Christ Like and the amount of spiritual growth I continue to see in her all of the time is astounding. We always end up having an adventure no matter what we do, even if it's to go pick up wings at BWW.. somehow it turns into a crazy memory that I will never forget. I am so excited to head to southern Utah with this chick, and I'm so grateful to know her and to have become so close. Something that blows me away about Lindsey is her testimony of the priesthood. Wow. She is one strong girl. Names Lindsey goes by other than Lindsey: Lindsbae, Jeanie, Jessica, and Ren-done

Hair Twin Pic when were were just babies aka 14 and 15

Taking a seat on our rival college mascot. GO T BIRDS
Jr Silverline game night 
Blue Lemon date with our moms after Women's General Conference
Senior week 2k15


Maddie Massingill:

Maddie is strong to say the least. I remember one of the first few days of drill practice sophomore year sitting with her because both of my feet were in braces.. long story.. and I remember thinking this girl has the light of Christ written all over her countenance. Watching her testimony blossom these past couple of years has touched my soul among many other things she has taught me and I am so grateful I was able to be apart of it. Going to the temple with her, Walli, and the boys for her first time was something I will never forget and hands down my favorite memory with her. Maddie has a way of touching peoples live that you would just have to know her to understand. It doesn't take long, because she is always on the go to talk to someone that needs a lift, make someone smile that is different, and just in general love everyone no matter what. This girl is tough as nails. A few years ago she broke her tail bone.. when I say broke her tailbone I don't mean a little crack or sliver. It is completely detached from the rest of her spine and is hanging on by some muscles and nerves, which makes movement painful. She always has her doughnut with her (and inflatable tube) so that she is even able to sit down. Surgery right? No the healing process of a surgery like that is way too long, and if she were to do that she wouldn't be able to dance. But she can't dance anyway because of the pain right? Nope. Nothing could stop this girl from doing what she loves and that is dance. I have met a lot of dancers in my life, I am a dancer, but never one who is as hard working and passionate about what she/he does as Maddie Massingill. She is an inspiring person to say the least. She has taught me to dance through pain, endure well, and be happy despite everything there is to complain about.
Not just in dance, but in life. Another of my favorite memories was a campout in one of our team members backyards, Maddie, Lindsey, Walli, and I went out to someone's car to get something and ended up talking for hours about everything under the sun. Fun facts about Maddie: Unlike most, she doesn't crack under pressure, she shines because of it. She likes to pretend sometimes that she isn't as goofy as the rest of us, but in secret she is the most crazy goof of us all. She is talented to say the least. She eats like crap.. like candy bars for lunch, and still looks amazing, and is almost as bad of a driver as Walli. ;) and she is obsessed with F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Beyonce. Names by which she is also known: Mass, Madswag, Maddie-Mass, Elizabeth, and Beyonce.

We created the next Avatar The Last Airbender on the day of Region Competition.. Pretty much the coolest thing ever.


Last region dinner
When we went to nationals in California and had a couple of Disney Days.



Fundraising Five K for Silverline 2k14

 This girl and I met and also became friends my junior year on the drill team. Only, she was/is not my same age.. it was her sophomore year and she is a youngin' even for her grade. It's no big deal because as soon as we all hung out at pineview one day, we were road trippin' soon after that to Bear Lake and best friends ever since. The three of us were always together back in high school. So like.. A month ago;)  Especially with all of the practicing we do. Walli is one of my favorite people on this planet because she is just as deep spoken as I am. We have conversations late into the night about the most random things. She has the ability to make everyone laugh. That is one of my favorite things about this young chick. She is beautiful inside and out, thoughtful, and always looking for an adventure. Her spirit has touched my life in so many ways and I am thankful to call her my Wall-Dog. Oh yeah! Her actual name is not Walli, but her last name is Wallace so it just stuck. Just last night she called me and just listened to me talk about my latest adventure here on the island for a good hour or so. Someone like Walli is hard to find because she is selfless and willing to just simply listen. I am thankful for that. Fun facts about Walli: She is a terrible driver. One of the worst. Ever. And that's saying a lot because most of my friends are horrible drivers, Walli is on another level. One more fact: her father does not like to be called Papa Wallace. :) Some nicknames other than the main one: Mikayla (who knew the actual name on her birth certificate would turn into a nick name) Kayla, Mikbaela, and Wall-Dog. I am missing this chick like crazy rn, and I will miss her as I go to college, but through whatever comes my way I know she will be there for me and I will be there for her when she is having any difficulties in life. I look forward to seeing what this girl does in life, she is going to do big things whether she believes me or not. Walli, You Are One Of The Noble And Great Ones.
My favorite laugh out loud best snaps come from this girl on the daily.
Winter Ball Senior Year (For me;)
Is Winning
She was a little sleepy at drill
This is a precious moment captured at our Drill showcase was with my father and Walli. We were all crying because this night was the last night that Walli and the rest of us Seniors would ever dance together again. 

Right after the team (besides seniors) performed the goodbye dance for us, they all ran up and hugged us.
Sad night to say the least.


These ladies have seen me at my worst and my best, it sounds cheesy, but even through everything they have seen me go through (mostly physically) they stick by my side. For those that don't know, Drill team is hard. It is time consuming. We are at the school practicing more than any other team, at least at FHS, and that is no exaggeration. There have been times when I have thought "I cannot do this anymore. I am so done. This is hard. I am going to quit. I am so sore. I have been here for seven hours and we still have two more. It is too early. I am too sick." And those girls got me through every last mile everyday. Every conditioning sesh I thought would never end. And even when I was puking and had to perform minutes after I was done being sick, they were all talking me through the performance, and cheering me on. Coach Misty always says
"Drill is like having a baby, its hard and there are times that you think to yourself, there is no way I am ever doing this again. But then the payoff outweighs the tough stuff and you find yourself pregnant again."
 Everyone on that team works so hard and many have had all of those negative thoughts at one point, if not all of us. But we got each other not just through it, but on top. After ten years, our team won region. First in ALL THREE DANCES!!!! There is no way for anyone but us, and the competition, and maybe our parents, to know how big of a deal that was. It was incredible. The best feeling, the most exciting and incredible moment of my life thus far was hearing "And your 2015 region first place goes to,

 Despite the blood sweat and tears,looking back these have been some of the best years.
Homecoming week bonfire senior year
The Halloween Mask Dance. Oh your drill team does thriller like all the rest? We missed that memo. ;)
Yes, the masks are on the back of our heads.
 Yes, the crowd went wild.
We made it a goal to take our wolf head to as many high schools as possible and kiss our mascot to become true... whatevers. Always an adventure to say the least.

From last summer when fundraising was actually a blast! We did concessions from a Pepsi truck at Hooper Tomato Days
After Practice on not only or home floor, but our home period. I lived on that floor for three years and wouldn't trade a single second of it. :)

We met such an inspiring lady. She is a professional gymnast with no legs.
~Follow Your Dreams~ 
What time is it? Game time. Our Girls Basketball kicked some major hiney. 

Region dinner. 

At region about to be announced as Region Champions ft. The Sea Of Blue in the stands.

Sorry for my lack of editing the pictures from insta..
Supportin' our cheerleaders at their competition. 
Ice Cream and Temple Walks.. Probably my favorite memories with these people.
Bear Lake

Our last region dinner and Walli's last region dinner with us. I sure do love these girls.


Triple Trouble 

The "Shine The Light" Ogden Temple Celebration.. We were Nephite Warriors. Fetch Yes.

Triple Trouble. Some of the least troubling people to be honest. THESE two girls and I have known each other for a long fetching time. My favorite thing about these girls, is that they one hundred percent allow me to unleash every weird silly part of my personality. The amount of nerd rants about superheros they have listened to and not judged me for is just a small reason as to why I love them so much. Between cheer, church, school, life, senior trip, and now Marthas Vineyard, my time has been well spent and I am lucky to have friends like them.


Mary Mikinon:

 So her name is Mary but she goes by Miki which is a shortened version of her middle name which is Mikinon. confused yet?
This girl is so talented. She can sing, and she can cook like an angel. I swear there were times when I used to pretty much live at her house, she would find three random ingredients in her fridge, and somehow create a gourmet masterpiece that tasted like it belonged in a restaurant in Italy. I'm partly convinced she is magic. I was super good friends with her in first grade, I switched schools, then she moved into my ward when we were eleven and were best friends since then. I know it seems like I drop the best friend bomb a lot, but what's wrong with having more than one person to be your soul sister? Like I said, I'm just blessed. Some of my favorite memories with Miki, include church, when I write music and she tests it out, movie marathons: We watched every disney princess movie oldest to newest. I was prince hungry for weeks. Another time we watched all Harry Potters. Another time we both had whooping cough and watched all six Star Wars. It was great even though we couldn't hear most of it. The most recent marathon was with Chancey, and we attempted Lord of The Rings.. all extended additions.. that ended when nine hours into it we were only half way done with the first movie and there was still no story line.
Mikinon is caring, funny, and supportive. I cant even begin to explain how much it meant to me to have her at my dance competitions whenever she could. I can't count all of the times she as maybe disagreed with some loser boy I was ga ga over, but she let me tell her all of my stories and she supported me even when she could see what I couldn't. And when things have gone down in flames, she never says I told you so, she always puts an arm around me and let's me figuratively
 (okay more than I'd like to admit, literally) cry on her shoulder. 
 Some facts about Miki: Her family is my family. She is hands down the most positive human I know. She has big dreams and an even bigger heart. She loves giraffes. Names she also goes by: Bass. Mikiloo. Minitoka.
At the Ogden Temple open house

Giraffes bc they are her fave

We always take church selfies when we match because, why not?

It's tradition.. We always dance in the rain 
At the play "Bandito Rides Again" In Bear Lake at Pickleville Playhouse


Jacquelyn Chancey:

 This chick and I have kind of a hilarious background to be honest. In ninth grade when I was a cheerleader, I am pretty sure I had seminary with her and she had just moved into my ward. I tried to talk to her and she was quite the hard shelled person to be honest. I was pretty sure she was bugged by my efforts to talk to her and I didn't want to be a pest, so I did the wrong thing:
 I gave up. Miki did not give up. Later we learned that Chancey was somewhat blocked off to us because she felt like a charity case. Like we were just trying to do the right thing, be the good samaritan or something along those lines. I had no idea however of the trials or rather huge trial she had had when she was young, neither did Miki. We simply wanted to be her friend. Finally after some persistence on Miki's part, she broke through the shell, she could tell that we cared and we became really great friends. It turns out, Chancey is one of the most intelligent people I know. She is also extremely talented at piano, like wow. Facts about Chancey: Big hair, big eyes, huge example of strength. She also exaggerates 90000000% of the time. ;) "We are literally ten feet away from the beach." Classic Chancey quote because.. contrary to the exactness of what she said, we are half a mile away from the beach. She is one strong person in my life as I have mentioned before, I think that it is because some of the trials she has had in her life. I find the more people I meet that are courageous, strong, and able to take on the world, the more I realize there is a reason. She has taught me this, the best people have been through the hardest things. What makes them the best kind of people is not the trials themselves, but their reactions to them. There is a choice, to take it and learn and grow, or to shut down. Chancey's wisdom is definitely beyond her years for many reasons, but one is her ability to take the tough and endure well. To learn, to become, to be refined. I hope to be like her someday.
The only time I would consider her weak is when she is anywhere near a moth. Those things freak her out. Or maybe her weakness for pineapple, but as far as weaknesses go that's not a bad one to have. Other names she goes by: Chan-Chan, Jacky Chan (Get it? her first name is Jacquelyn;) and Chancey (said in a British accent)


Here is a story to illustrate our personalities to the T. 
A few days ago we were on the phone, it was a three way call, and the subject of the conversation, was the fact that we had just been notified that our flight to JFK was going to be delayed a few hours. The problem at hand was that because of the delay, we would miss our connecting flight from New York to Boston.. So our fathers were calling a bunch of people and we found out there was another flight that we would be able to catch to Boston.. but the person on the phone did not know for sure if there would be room for us. Or at least all of us. Our reactions to this problem basically sum up our personalities and the exact way we either clash with each other or compliment each other, depending on your perspective. Or our perspective because you can't find three perspectives on life that are any more different than ours. 
Chancey: "Oh myy gosh. We are going to have to split up. I already know it. You know what? I will do it. It sucks but there's no other option, I'm not walking from New York to Massachusetts. This is literally the worst day of my entire life."
Miki: No! We can't split up, and we won't even have to. They have to take care of us we are their priority. If not we stick together we will find a way. It will be alright. Everything is fine, and it will all work out somehow, someway."
(Me) Ryanne: "Guys if we have to, we will have to split up. We might not have to worry about it though because there might be room. The fact is that we have no idea and no control over it, so let's just chill and find out later what needs to happen."
Basically describes our reaction to everything. It's what makes us... us and I love it.

The night that we almost got drugged by a Russian pimp at The Red Iguana in SLC
My surprise birthday party #HappyEighteen


My Older Friend

Shaylyn Jessi Steoger:

Now unfortunately I haven't seen this girl in about a year in a half due to the fact that she is a Sister Missionary right now, so all of my pictures with her are outdated to say the least. I am excited however to make new memories with this girl as soon as she's home.
Sorry, I know.. I need to edit my pics. But this was clear back when I was in ninth grade, she wasn't allowed to go on single dates so I tagged along #thirdwheel #Istilllovehertho

Shay is the big sister I have never had. When it comes to advice, solving life problems, or just doing random crazy things.. she has always been there for me and continues to be so believe it or not. She is in Mexico for the moment serving a mission. She comes home pretty soon and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am going to cry the first time I hear her voice because unfortunately, I won't be able to be there to welcome her home. Being two years older than me, when she moved in three doors away I was bummed because I didn't think she would think I was cool enough to be her friend. She was in seventh grade and I was still a little fifth grader. ;) Lucky me, through young women's, we became sisters. Shay is one of the most talented creative and smart people out there. It doesn't matter what I do with her we always make it a good time. Some of my favorite memories with this girl include: Chalking people and getting yelled at by an old lady in curlers that thought we were taking pictures of her house... The neighbors pool incident when they went out of town, but I won't go into too much detail about that ;) Mac n cheese in the boat, the true silverwolf trunk incident, playing the piano together in church every week, dancing together in the show "Hollywood" and about a million more. Before she left this girl was such a light and example to everyone. Her happiness is contagious and her gospel strength beyond compare.In her weekly emails she talks often of how much she is changing from day to day for the better, and how she is being refined into the person she wants to be. I can hardly even imagine her being any more outstanding than before she left, so when she is home.. I know I will be absolutely blown away. Something else about Shay: She is thoughtful, genuine, and always serving others. Randomly once in a while I would find a treat on my door step with a note for no reason from her, or another day when I was sick she brought a huge get well soon package with herb tea, hot cocoa, cough drops, tissues, and more. I can't leave out the hand written letters, and the advice and help through email even now and throughout her mission in Mexico. She truly is such a great example of a disciple of Christ. 

This was at her farewell January of 2k14 We all look so different!
The night with the stalking and chalking ft. Levi. Our fave neighborhood boy
Boating Boating Boating
Trek with a side of attitude ;)

Tubing and currently laughing out loud because look at Shay's face ;)

Our little neighborhood friend. 
When we made mac n cheese and ate it in the boat on my driveway
With gibster 

Found this note on the doorstep with a lemon bar from
 Great Harvest from Shay, she is simply the sweetest.

See you soon Sister Steoger

Thankful to the friends I've had, I do have, and will have throughout life, both on and off of this post.
I love you.