Monday, July 20, 2015

Catchin' Up With Martha In The Vineyard



This is going to be a short entry.

Don't be too excited folks.

We had some fun times at the beach as usual, jumped off of the bridge, saw some gingerbread houses, and ate gelato. 

Seas The Day <3

It was like doing it all for the first time because Miki and Chancey hadn't done some of those things. Jumping off the bridge was just as scary... It shouldn't be but it was. 

One day we went back to Aquinnah in the morning and ate breakfast at this tiny place on the side of the cliff outside overlooking the ocean. 
So fun. 
Plus... Eggs.
The chicken kind. 
You never know what you have until it's gone right?
 Since being here, access to a stove is gone because my apartment kitchen consists of a microwave, fridge, and a washer/dryer. 

Imagine cooking an omelet in the dryer. 

or worse..

In The Microwave


So at this breakfast place, I ordered a Western Omelet because I miss eggs, and I also happen to be Western ;)

Eggs And One Heck Of A View

I also gave the lesson on Sunday in my branch in RELIEF SOCIETY DUN DUN DUN.
Yes. I am old. 

No more Young Womens :'(

Other then that, I worked. 
 I have compiled a list of quotes that I rather enjoyed, or found notable throughout the week to remember what an average day is like working as an Ice Cream Scooper at 
The Scoop Shack, and also just living here in general.

The first one, this mom came in with her adorable kids. Her little son told me what kind of Ice Cream he wanted, and when I asked what size, he looked a little confused, so his mom asked him
"Do you want the smaller size or the big size."

The cutest look I have ever seen came from that child at that moment. 
He just started grinning shyly with a look like
His face answered for him

Couldn't have been more then five. His mom said to me
"Duh mom. That's like asking if you want something amazing or horrible.

Parenting 101:
To a five year old, bigger will always = better. 

This next moment comes from the drunk guy on the street. 

Our window was open and Chancey was sitting against the window. He could see her so naturally he yelled 
"Hey you!"
"Want to come down here and have a smoke?"
"Nah I think I'm good. Thanks."

*Super attractive boy comes in
*orders ice cream

"What are you doing later?" He said

"Working." I said. 

"After that?" He said

"Sleeping" I obliviously said

(t minus two minutes later at the cash register)

"Will that be everything for you? I said

"Yep. Just this single scoop of Chocolate Chunk and your number."
*smiles bc he knows he's cute

"That will be five dollars."
*Smiles bc I know he knows I know he's cute

"What??? No number?"
*Still smiling bc he is very aware of how cute he is and that I can't say no

(I cannot stand boys like this, there was no way I would give in.. probably)

 "Let me go write that down for you"


*gives him her real number and he has been trying to make plans ever since



The girls and I were getting on the bus, and in line in front of us was a little boy and his mom. The little boy said
"Mom. When you die.. When you're 99 and you are dying. I'm gonna hug you like this"
*hugs her so tight his face turns purple
"Awe thank you sweetie." 
Haha it was the sweetest thing ever.
 Mother/Son goals. 

One day last week, this super rude lady was flipping out because it was taking Chancey a while to get her ice cream. 

You think they are all the same consistency? You are dead wrong. DEAD wrong.
 And you better be careful lady who said
"20 minutes later I will maybe get my ice cream"
and didn't tip us even though Chancey worked so hard to get your ice cream that she probably almost passed out on the floor because of the amount of exertion she was experiencing carving that block of cement. Maybe next time she won't be so careful as to keep the beads of sweat on her brow (from what should be a WOD at cross-fit) out of your summer snack, an leave some of the elbow grease it took to get that sucker out as well. Or maybe you could scoop it yourself.
Sorry I am so fired up right now Iamd jpracticjalsly pbpuuondingg onn tjhe kueys.

Ice cream scooping is some serious business people. 
also: Patience is a virtue

S/O to the guy that told me that same day, that what I was doing was harder than his morning work out, said "You are one tough cookie," and then tipped me 7 bucks. 
People like you are the reason I got into the Ice Cream business.

Now to my fave customer ever. She is the sweetest human ever, probably eleven, and has made my day two days in a row. 
"Sorry this is super random, but you are really pretty. Like wow, you are so pretty."
then the other day
"I figured out who you look like! Cara Delvishgsjfhghe"
(Don't know how to spell her last name but she is a professional model whom I look nothing alike, but thank you little girl you have made my day once again)

Cara Delevingne


(I can dream;)


So this was at the beginning of that week, but I saved it for last. 
Ben. His name was Ben he cornered me after work as I was leaving the Scoop Shack and he was super wasted. Like I think he was drinking pure alcohol. Not having much experience with this, I didn't see it coming when he hugged me and I was just in shock as he walked away. 
I can now cross "Be forcibly hugged by a drunk guy named Ben" off of my bucket list of things I never wanted to do before I blast off. 
One last thing... We have a thief in our midst. 
Someone in the apartment has been eating our food, stealing toilet paper, and the recent and most abominable,
 Mikinon's goldfish.
I would refill a roll of TP and three hours later go in the bathroom to find nothing left. 
The girls next to our room reported missing bagels.
Chancey's ice cream was gonzo one hour after she put it in the freezer. 
then, it got real.
Miki was charging her phone, and eating her goldfish like a peaceful human being without a care in the world. She grabbed her phone, went to work the four hour shift, and returned to find her phone charger gone.
This is how she continues this story:
"As I pondered my loss, I was sad, confused, but I knew that things would be okay and that I had an entire bag of goldfish on the dresser in our room to lean on for the support. Then... I began searching our room for what I knew I had placed on that table but was suddenly MIA." 
This is how she broke the news to Chancey and I, my phone was dead but we were working together.

M is for Miki C is for Chancey ;)

M: Do you have my phone charger?

C:I haven't touched it

M: I knew it. I think we have a food eating, toilet paper stealing, phone charger, bandit.

C: hehehehehehe Swiper no Swiping -_-

M: Seriously though. I was using it, and when I came back from work, it was plugged in my phone. I got up and left and 
now it's gone. What the fetch. I'm probably going insane. It's official. I am.

C: I as a CNA declare you literally and officially insane.

M: Oh my goodness thank you. Now that I am diagnosed I am going to go on a diet of only lemon rinds and soda water to see if that cures me. 

Miki again: OH MY HELLENA 

Miki again again: Someone stole my gold fish too. Okay I mean my phone charger is whatever, but the gold fish. That's crossing the line.

C: anything else gone?

M: I don't think so but I am not kidding. I left those gold fish right where I knew I could eat them later, but I didn't because I had to work and they are gone!!!!!!

Needless to say, Momas gave the entire flat a talking to, and he said if it happens again he is going through everyone's stuff. I seriously hope this thievery stops because I am not A-Okay with Tom going through the cute notes my family left me in my suitcase. ;)
Well that's all for now kids. Tune in to my next post, it's about a girl and a piano. 

Tune in. Get it..?? like you would tune a piano. I crack myself up.