Monday, March 27, 2017

Brewton the Beautiful

Cute Country Road

Short Simple Straight To The Point. I like it.
-Captain Jack Sparrow

This week was chuck full of hard work and miracles.

Oh yeah.. that's literally every week.

But THIS week was especially special

We taught Lillie who we now call Diane because long story longer, that's her middle name that she likes to be called by

We taught her the Plan of Salvation twice and it went super well, seriously the Spirit was so strong. The first time we taught there were a lot of distractions, satan really doesn't want her to progress.

So we went over two days later and we taught it again. She expressed how she has been scared to tell anyone but she knows that there was a life before this life. She said, something just tells me something happened before.

As a Mormon, it's like of course. That's totally how it is. But many people here, most, believe that our souls just existed as we were born.

Nay. Proof of the fact that we lived before, the Spirit has been teaching and preparing Diane for this knowledge and gospel for a long time. Sister Fast and I were beaming with love and we testified of that to her, she was so excited.

Sister Fast invited her to be baptized on a specific date! PRAY FOR DIANE/LILLIE

She brought us to church yesterday with her sister and loved it. The branch fellowshipped them so well, and it was a wonderful three hours. Diane then drove us to her home where she had prepared a meal along with her famous cornbread and pound cake.

God is so incredibly good.

We also went to B***** and R*****'s home and tried to teach the Plan of Salvation.

fun fact about Southerners, they. can. talk.

talk you right to death. They don't know how to stop talking and talking and talking.

So we have to interrupt to try to teach then they are like

"OH YESSUH I know Jesus. I was saved. Here's a story about that when my cousins dog went missing... we knew we hadn't paid the bills in a while. So Johnny who lives yonder, taught us how to sew."

and the Spirit is like.. out the window. Nevertheless, they are some of the most kind people ever. They offered their home as a refuge and told us to come back whenever we can to teach them and they know they knew us before this life. That truth registered with them as well.

Sister Fast and I are just loving life. Seriously. I am exploding with joy and CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEKEND WOOOOOOO I'M SO PUMPED BEYOND ALL MEASURE

and I'm going to cry bc: last conference as a missionary.. for a while. 
Heaven knows I'm finna serve another mission or two someday.


I love you. I love the South. I love Alabamazing. I love grits and deep fried pork chops with pound cake and hush puppies.


I have a commitment. I want you to read this out loud to yourself even if it's a whisper bc you're in a public place.
"I will prepare myself to receive light and knowledge this conference session by..."

then commit yourself to pray about how you will prepare for conference.

Read last conferences talks again, fast, read the account of Benjamin the king in the Book of Mormon, whatever you do, do it with the Lord. Then, He will pour His Spirit upon you.

"For this life is the time to prepare to meet God."

This life, we prepare by being worthy of and learning from the Spirit, so that we are prepared to one day meet Jesus the Christ and our Heavenly Father.

If any of this didn't make sense it's because i'm in a library being somewhat distracted by the marvelous black dude sitting next to me rapping with his headphones on.  He's rapping out loud and it's very entertaining but also making me wish I was as cool as him. One day. One day.

"I aspire to be that man." said Sister Fast as we drove past a half naked-old man on a riding lawn mower in the middle of nowhere

"I snap chat your sprinkle of Jesus to all my friends"  said our investigator Kentrell bc we send out a daily scripture text

"Are you nuns?"

"as a former fetus I oppose abortion"

"You're how old?!? ya'll look no older than 13"   -everyone

"Are ya'll really sisters. not just Christly sisters, but biological ones? ya'll favor eachotha" -everyone and their mother

My new District- we call ourselves the relief society district bc only two Elders

Brother Andersons birthday!

Our house:)

make it a great blessed day

-Sister Saunders aka Sister Furious.

Sister Fast and Sister Furious are taking this town over with the Lord