Monday, May 30, 2016

It's Getting Hot

Happy Memorial Day!

This specific week, has been very.. interesting. People these days are very quick to be offended.

but as my favorite ward mission leader Bro. Harris would say and did say just a few days ago:
"Man.. You could poop on my head and slap my face and I wouldn't be offended."

I would have to agree.  Only not. 

Because as much as I have had it up to here with easily offended humans, I would definitely consider myself so if someone were to excrete on my head and/or slap me across the face.

Offendedception: When you are offended because so many people are offended because you got offended about something.

It's a real thing.

but that's another story I will not disclose.

I met my first real live Alabama old man with one and a half tooths.

We were out contacting people and oyming 

and we came across this sweet old dude putting an American flag in the window of his truck.

We talked to him and got to know him a little bit, he joined the military when he was 18 and he loves America.  He informed us he was not interested but told us he would read the Book of Mormon we gave him.  Then as we were leaving, he gave us some handy information about the neighbors across the street.

"Don't ya'll go no further.  They might shoot ya.  They been robbed a couple a times so they is really tough on anyone.  Ya'll is nice people, but they don't know that.  Don't go over there seriously.  They might shoot ya."

Yes that actually is legal in Florida. 

Shooting people on your property, not robbery.

Needless to say: We did not go to that trailer. 

Had a humbling but learning experience Monday. 

We set out because I felt led to a certain street we had passed in the car a few days before on the way to a lesson.

I forgot which house exactly it was so we knocked the street.  First door, a lady, very not interested in the gospel right off the bat.  I stumbled over finding a Book of Mormon or my planner and the words were not flowing very easy from my mouth. 


We left and I felt like poo.

My trainee said "We forgot to pray before we left"


Reason number 48 why the greener greenie is training the trainer


We prayed and then..

dun dun dun..

we met four more people three of which are interested in meeting us again and get this.

The words flowed for all of them, the Spirit was there not to back us up, but for us to back up.

and I saw especially one particular man glued in as we spoke, I knew without a doubt he could feel it.  It was so cool. 

Prayers are important because we can't do anything without the Spirit and the Spirit can't do much if we don't invite it, live by it, and allow it to be the teacher. 

We were able to have our last interviews with President Smith on Saturday. 

It was only my second, because I've only been here since February.  It was so powerful, I know that mission presidents and their wives are some of the most amazing people in the world.

They give up their life for 3 years
they leave family 
and they didn't even sign up for it like I did.  They were called straight from the prophet, and they accept that call to serve.

What amazing people, I am so sad to see them go but I know that God chose the new mission president and wife to guide and direct the Florida Tallahassee mission just like He called the first President and Sister Smith (fun fact my new mission president is also President Smith, but his first name is not Brad;)

I sure love this mission, my zone, the area, and my leaders near and far. 

Happy moment this week: Nanny and Grandpa sent me a bunch of tootie fruities. hahaha I love you two, so happy grandpas surgery went well.

Funny (terrible) moment this week: The head sister training leaders called me this morning and said

"Hi Sister Saunders, we just wanted to talk to you for a minute.. We were so sorry to hear about your mom. Are you okay?"

my heart dropped.

There are a couple of things that cause missionaries hearts to about stop in their chests.

1. Calls from the mission head quarters area about family.
2. Looking around and not knowing where your companion is. 
(I promise both of these things are very rare)

So on this phone call a million things went through my head. 
What is wrong with my mom.  
Is she okay.  Is she alive.

Your mind truly goes to the worst case scenario at times like this. 

"I'm sorry? What?"

"We heard about your mom. Are you doing okay?"

"I'm sorry... What."

"We heard your mom has cancer.."

OH MY GOSH sigh of relief 

for those that don't know the doctor found some pre-cancer spots on her skin that to my knowledge are just about taken care of.  Nothing too serious.

I explained this to the stls and they were relieved as well.  Miss-communications are no bueno.
 They had heard through the grape vine somehow the word cancer associated with my mom and were led to believe it was worse than it was.

They then apologized for scaring me so bad, but there was no way they could have known.  Then they promised to pray for her anyway like they already have been the past few days.  I seriously love them.

Mom: I am glad you are alright.

Here are some fun facts about life right now 
I lost my camera charger
my mom sent a new one
I found my old camera charger
I left my camera at Paul and Paula's

so pictures are very limited right now... tune in next week to see this weeks pictures because why..?
 I have been running faster than I can chew that's why. 

That's a saying right? 


so no pictures unfortunately, but I do have this awesome update on my fathers life to share.

"Im sore from sleeping in the tent in a downpour after our outside movie fail on Ryannes old computer... the movie froze at the key battle in Narnia and then I woke up to a crow going Caw Caw Caw.  If I'd a had my samurai sword that crow would have died this morning.  I would have tomahawked his feathery behind with one swipe."

This is why I love my dad. 

I also love the gospel.  I'm starting to understand what Elder Jorg Klebingat, a member of the Seventy, said in "approaching the throne of God with confidence" when he said,
 "Become really, really good at repenting thoroughly and quickly. 
Because the Atonement of Jesus Christ is very practical, you should apply it generously 24/7, for it never runs out. Embrace the Atonement of Jesus Christ and repentance as things that are to be welcomed and applied daily according to the Great Physician’s orders. Establish an attitude of ongoing, happy, joyful repentance by making it your lifestyle of choice. In doing so, beware of the temptation to procrastinate, and don’t expect the world to cheer you on. 
Keeping your eyes on the Savior, care more about what He thinks of you, and let the consequences follow. Spiritual confidence increases when you voluntarily and joyfully repent of sins, both small and great, in real time by applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ."

Joyful repentance. That's hard to do when we feel weighed down with discouragement for what we have done wrong. But discouragement comes from the adversary, and hope comes from the Savior.  What greater joy can we have, than when we are repenting regularly and feeling that freedom of the burden of sin being lifted off of our shoulders by Jesus Christ and doing better the next moment we have the opportunity to repeat that wrong? 
NO GREATER JOY.  I love the gospel.

I am so happy, even when I'm not.

Make it a good day,

love me. a sister missiona(ry)