Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Comin' Home

Comin' Home
Tell The World That I'm Comin'..


It's no surprise

It has taken me so long to get to this last week of lasts
last time eating at the pub
last time scooping ice cream for a tourist that doesn't deserve it
last time skinny dipping in the ocean
(only not jk)
last time at South Beach

last time eating the greatest ice cream in the world
last time sleeping on literally two pieces of cloth
last time possibly on Martha's Vineyard


It will be someday probably very soon.

but that day where last of lasts came to an end
last time (probably) riding a taxi to get to the ferry to get to the bus to get to the plane to get to the other plane to get 


It. Was. Not. Sad.

Thankful I am, for this summer, and never forget will I, the adventure, the growth, the happiness, the memories, the food, the humidity, the ocean, the rain, the lighthouses, or the people.

But there is truth in a simple statement from my Nanny's (grandma's) favorite movie

It Goes Like This


So without further-a-do

My last week, and then some, on the island known as 

Martha's Vineyard

and my journey happenings to Utah 

also known as



We tried out a delicious place for breakfast called
Among The Flowers Cafe
We literally had to go back three more times that last week

Interesting story time


Wait for iiiiiiiitttt........

went. on. a. date.

That's right ladies and gentlemen. I found time to go on a legit date.

Remember the boy who casually got my number?

Well on a rainy Tuesday

the last Tuesday I was there

Pouring Rain and all

we drove to a beach

then drove to the unveiling and relighting of the
Gay Head Lighthouse 

He didn't plan that..

lucky guy

we get there and there is tons of people and cops

he asked a cop what the actual was going on

cop said,

"After the relocation of the lighthouse and during, it has not been lit. 
This is the first time it will light again, in a long time"

so naturally we parked and this handsome boy said
"I totally planned this"

He didn't.

lucky guy

why is he lucky? 

because when does winging a date actually turn out this great?

advice to boys all around: this is not real life. If you like her, plan a date.  Like actually think about it before you pick her up.. ;)

Huge historical event for MV and he happens to bring me there

not to mention the undeniably romantic situation

sunset: check
rain: check
lighthouse: check
beach: check

Tonz of humans were honking and cheering as they lit the lighthouse that stormy night



Then we went to this cute little bakery called orange peel bakery, it's this hole in the wall of someone's house in the middle of the woods where you let yourself in and leave the money in a jar.

And grab whatever you want. On your honor. 


Needless to say it was fun. I won't ever see him again, but it was a good day indeed. 


Miki Chancey and I made it back to Menemsha the little fishing town, I got some souvenirs and we took a dip in the ocean

We did not get a live lobster this time


super excited to talk about the last Saturday on the Vineyard

My cousin Braden son of Rob brother of Ryan father of me

visited me with his adorable wife and her adorable family

Fun fact about my cousin's wife and her family, they are family.

Some of the best people I know and they trusted me to be their tour guide the whole day!!!!!

We got some serious stuff done
 I took them to the gingerbread houses, jaws bridge where we all jumped, south beach,
s/o to Braden who is just as much of a water lover as I and gave me mission advice in the ocean.
We also ate at The Pub and got some Ice Cream ending it all on the dock by my apartment house. 

I am so excited for this semester of school at SUU only forty minutes away from Dixie where they will be if I ever need help with math (Hales is a genius, Braden married a math whizz) or if I need spiritual advice from Braden (Hales married a spiritual giant) or just to be with good company.

Sunday I was able to go to church for the last time and it was really sad to say goodbye to those amazing branch members.
especially the sister missionaries 
Sister Gropp and Sister Jones will forever be some of my favorite humans on this Earth

I almost forgot.. a couple of nights before we went night swimming and it was pretty cool. 
the movement of our arms made bubbles, and a weird phenomena happened where the bubbles looked like they were glowing.
I am going to google this right now.


I couldn't find anything  about it, but I swear it was legit.

That monday, it was finally time. 

All packed and rearin' to go, we realized some things that day.

We were not sad


we were plenty sad leaving Utah

Island and ocean and other stuff that's cool about MV>>>>>Rocks in Utah


Momas<<<<<<My actual mom

That's the key.

Home is where the heart is and my heart never left Utah and the people I love there.

So we began our journey.

"How does it feel to be going home?"

Got off the ferry and something terrible happened

Now on the mainland, I realized I did not have my tote carry-on bag

My carry-on bag had in it

My laptop


and worst of all

My family's souvenirs.

And. It. Was. Gone.

Chancey rushed up the ramp to check where we sat on the ferry


I asked the lady at the ticket window to call the island and see if I left it on the ground there


but we had a bus to catch and if we didn't catch it we would miss our flight

chancey found the bus as I was getting the number of the lady in case she found anything

Chancey left her suitcase with the busdriver to come get us

I was about in tears

we went to the bus and the bus driver yelled at us and told us if we leave luggage again he will cal the cops because apparently that's a huge deal
I have never been yelled at by anyone who isn't my family like that
"AM I CLEAR?????"
he yelled
I shouldn't have said it out loud. 
Especially in the manner that I did..

Got on the bus

got a call

My bag was on the island

But I know people, being a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

and the sweet sister missionaries happened to be a two minute walk away from the steamship station and they picked it up without a fuss. 

So thankful for my friends in high places

get it?;)

Then we got on a plane,

 got on another plane, and next thing I know

I see my family and Miki and Chancey's families
and everything is happy.

Saul, Seth, Rachel, Mom, Dad, hugs all around. 
I was in heaven

Goodbye Martha's Vineyard
 I have loved every day of this summer
it truly was a fairytale

(minus the carpal tunnel)

I also have to mention a few huge things that I haven't.

He gave my blog a shout out.
Little ole me.
I kind of lost it. My cool that is.
I freaked out.

Also as I got home to my actual home in Utah

I realized how much I took little things for granted before I left

My bed


Fast Food

Chain Restaurants

(MV only has one  Dairy Queen soo.. no McD's)

My bed

food readily available

My bed

High Heels

a stove

Dressy Clothes


and lastly

My bed. 

as I was soaking in the glory of it all my mom began to sneakily record me while I was cuddling up to my bed and talking about how much I missed my room
I heard a noise
a knock
in my closet?

I opened it to find


Remember my mexi bestie on a mission?

She called me while I was on the island when she got home a bout a month ago, and I was dying to just see her

There she was a month later
total Princess Diaries 2 moment
in my closet

in the flesh

I was stunned and so happy

I have missed her more than I can tell

We talked for awhile and she left


Lindsey came over soon after and it was craziness all over again

Reunited with so many people I have missed so much


Mission Prep at it's finest

despite my lack of pants I couldn't wait for Lindsey to walk to my door

I ran outside at one a.m. and jumped on her

we were both going a little bit ballistic 

the whole neighborhood got a wake up call

Lindsey Jean Rendon

I missed you 

The next day I went to the temple.

How I have missed the temple. I cannot even begin to explain, I will never take it for granted again. 

That night was girls night for The Pride
(The Lion kind;)

Reunited with Walli, Mass, and Linds. <3 
That night was one for the books
remember when we beat each other up? 

The next day I went boating with the fam,

 and Walli came to say goodbye.
bc college was waiting for me the very next day


It was time to make a new home in Cedar City Utah 
residence of Southern Utah University aka 
The Thunder Birds