Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dippin' Out: Graduation



I know I know.. Long time ago
Already some of my friends are referring to high school like this..

"Back in high school..."


To my fellow graduates belonging to the class of 2K15: 


So I guess, yes this post is a little over due..

 like a month over due..

But for crying out loud people. 

I don't feel like I'm still "living in the past" or "stuck in high school" or a "super senior" by admitting the following:

1. I absolutely loved those three years of my life.
2. The games, the dances, the commons, the people I have not forgotten.
3. I miss it.
4. Senior week was a blast
5. I cried at senior cotillion
6. The worst/best part of the whole graduated thing has been farewells. 
7. I am thankful for High School and FHS will always have a special place in my heart
8. Drill. It will definitely take a while to get over that one.
9. The knowledge I gained is priceless both life-wise, and academically. 

Mr. Peery one of our fave teachers. His advice to us: "Stay Fierce" 

Coach Misty, my second mom who taught me how to
1. Dance
2. Life  

Now in admittance to those 9 things, I also feel I must be clear. 
I understand that even though I loved those years and that they have been the best thus far, I know there is and already has been, amazing adventures and great unfathomable joys to come.
 I understand as well that the people I knew, the relationships, the love I had for EVERYONE in that school and the love that I still have 
(being the fresh post-graduate of high school that I am..)
 is going to change as our lives do.

I will likely not see 90% of them again and as sad as it is for me now, I know that there are many more people to meet, and many more opportunities to find love for new people
 (and let's be honest.. love for "The One")
 and I know I will be okay with that.
 I miss it now, but I am as excited as ever for the new aspects of my young adult life. As far as knowledge in life and in academics, there is still SO MUCH LEFT to learn.
 I realize this, I look forward to it, but I do not feel like I need to erase everything about
 High School to be able to get past it and enjoy the rest of my life. 

They say "Don't look back on the past, or forward to the future. Live in the moment #yolo"
I agree with "they" to an extent..
 because being stressed out about the future too much is a lack of faith, and regretting actions in the past is just a waste of time.. and also a lack of faith.. 
 but how do we avoid making silly mistakes over and over again without a little reflection once in a while? And how do we prepare ourselves and feel comfortable with life if we never plan ahead for what might come our way in the future? Not to mention being too content with what is the present moment will lead to a rut in the road and put a stop to your individual progression.


This is where moderation in all things comes into play

Be happy where you are, be happy with where you've been, and be happy about where you are going. But never settle for what you are now, use the past to help you always get better, and trust that in the future you will never stop growing, and becoming someone better than you were the day before. 

My dad always says as far as struggles, weakness, and trials go: 

There Will Be A Final Victory

That is true, but only because there already was. 

The Final Victory happened on a cross a little less than two thousand years ago when
 the Son of God said: It Is Finished.

All of our battles essentially have been won, all we have to do is work like it's all up to us, and pray like it's all up to our Father in heaven because ultimately, it is.

How does that tie in to anything I have been saying? Well because I have entered into a new chapter in my life. Not a new beginning, a new chapter.
 Without the chapters before it, the new ones would not make any sense.. and in order to understand anything that is going on right now, and in the future on my Path To Perfection..
 those other chapters will always be important. 
What I have learned from the times I have been victorious, and the MANY times that I have failed, is priceless to me.. 
And some of the most trying, difficult, life changing, times of refinement and reliance on my savior and Father above, 
for me
 up to this point in my story
 were in high school


  this is my blast to the past (HA, it was one month ago)

I'm not going to go into a ton of detail about high school and every memory I have of the F or dancing at football games, or having my heart broken (more than once), or island splash, or hikes, or dances, or random BWW runs at midnight.

But I do want to highlight the graduation happenings, and that begins with: Senior Week

Monday we had a sick chalk fest


Tuesday we swam at Crystal hot springs. The great thing about that, is that one of my favorite cousins, Mandee, was working and gave Lindsey and I free admission!

Wednesday seminary fireside that was amazing to say the least.
Almost everyone in the entire chapel bore their testimonies. I did as well and the spirit was unimaginable. Coming from my fellow class of 15, I have never been prouder to be a part of that group of people. The feeling was amazing and as they spoke I was blown away with the spiritual growth through the years I had known them. In that moment, I knew, and still know, that the people  that were in that room with me are definitely some of the Noble And Great Ones mentioned in the Pearl Of Great Price.

The reason I am going on a mission: Because I love Him.

Thursday I went with the PTSA committee and got to spend 3,000 on prizes for the Graduation party. That was fun.. I felt like I was on Extreme Home Makeover where they just run around the store buying random stuff, only instead of furniture we were buying mini fridges, dorm supplies, and tv's.

Friday: last assembly and last yearbook signing sesh. Definitely a heart wrenching day.
 How could I not cry during "Baby Ducks" for the last time.

Getting ready for the Flashbacks segment of the last assembly with my fellow senior Silverline Sisters

 And yearbook signing was like a sad mob of humans lingering even in the rain because none of us wanted to leave. Sappy.. but we knew our time was limited. I don't have any pictures of this, but let me assure you. These people truly have been like family, and even though I probably won't crack my yearbook open for another twenty years or so.. those words will still mean something to me and I am grateful at present to have love from my classmates, friends, and high school family.

Saturday Senior Cotillion: The dance was fun, and the video was sad because the song was saying

Let go, your on your own. There's somethin' waitin' for ya.. There's somethin' waiting for ya

I was starting to get real tired of the wrenching in my heart, and excited to just be done.

That's saying something coming from the girl who never caught that whole Senioritis disease that everyone goes on about.

Stag Swag

There was a photo booth, I took some fun pics in it with a bunch of friends. 
I'd be lying if I said I didn't kiss anyone in there
And of course, Jake sang Don't Stop Believing for the last time to us. I think I shed a couple of tears.. Okay I am positive that I did.

Sunday Seminary Graduation: Not much to report. I graduated despite the past few weeks worth of doubt from my father.. I wasn't on the list due to some mix ups but no worries it was all worked out. When I told Bro. M that I wasn't on the list, he laughed because he thought I was joking. That is just proof to you dad, I attended and participated fully in seminary for all four years ;)



To be completely honest, I never wanted to go. 
I don't have any sentimental feelings about a ceremony that is supposed to represent my time as a high school student but literally has nothing to do with anything I have done in school. Wearing that cap and gown was never a thing during these years, so that didn't mean much to me. The piece of paper known as the diploma will never come in handy, no one ever asks to see it. Everything I have to show for graduating and going through twelve years of school is in my brain, heart, and with the people I met and friendships I made...
 Not a piece of paper and the sound of someone I don't know reading off of my name on a list that I had to write phonetics next to.. 
because it's pronounced Rie-Ann Not Ry-un and they don't even know me enough to know that, or care, so why should I?
 Maybe that's a little negative.. but I had what I needed and to me the ceremony was not the icing on the cake.. in fact it wasn't even the crumbs of it.
 But I got some hilarious pictures beforehand with my main chick Lindsey Rendon with our

Graduation Essentials Featuring: Grad Gown

and afterwards I got to go to the Kobe restaurant with my mom, dad, and my lovely Grandma Pat. 
So that was fun. 

Monday/Tuesday Graduation Party. We went to Rush Funplex which was totally sweet. Bowling, Go- Carts, Swimming, Laser Tag, FOOD ALL NIGHT. Well.. until four in the morning. Plus my mom was there which was awesome. (She's in the PTA)

OH there was mini golf too and that's where this gem came from:

EARLY Tuesday morning right after the senior party Lindsey and I picked up Walli and headed to Bear lake for a couple of days which was super fun. We watched Narnia, played cards, hiked to fort Pat, and slept.. a lot. It was good to relax and just be with good company after all of the partying and graduation shenanigans.

So that's how the end of that chapter came about, I have nothing more to add.
 I am a graduated lady, and now headed to the next chapter school-wise which is to be a real graduated lady.. like from College.

T-Bird Nation

..Here We Go..

And remember always as you go about your day today, tomorrow and the next:

Make It a Good Day