Monday, August 15, 2016

Good Bye Gulf Breeze

Bye to the P cola Sisters:)


but it's really not goodbye, it's see you soon.

more like Getting Baptized in Gulf Breeze

last week was a fetching whirlwind of a week

I love Gulf Breeze with all my heart but I mostly love the people that claim residence there.

Saying Good-bye to Queen

After emailing last Monday, we got to go to an all you can eat sushi place with the sweet Sister Hogan and kids and Sister Jacobs.

I seriously look up to these wonderful people, no they aren't sister wives, just good friends.


Then we packed as much as possible and saw as many people as possible,

Sister Wheeler, thank you for working miracles being the massage therapist you are, for always  feeding us with a smile, and for the blueberry cobbler recipe you gave me. 

Mary. Thank you for teaching me about love and telling me stories about you in Greece getting caught in a fire, pushing a fat guy out of a window of a three story building, and jumping out yourself to what you thought was your death but landed on a bunch of awnings bouncing your way down after the fat man and dragging him out of the fire on the bottom story. Heaven only knows how you survived, but one of the reasons you did was to bless my life.

Baxters. I have basically grown to love you as my own "kin" as they say round these here parts. Yes I just went from southern to western in one sentance. I know you won't mind. 

Tuesday morning Sister Pypsi and I went to Waffle House to FINALLY initiate her to the South and Grandpa got us breakfast just like the first time I met him. I'll miss that crazy guy, even though he never wears his teeth. 

Bye to grandpa at Waffle House where I met him!

After that we went to District Meeting with the best district in the universe, I'll also miss those two goons. They have taught me a lot about mission work and life. 

We ended district meeting with: a baptism. But not just a baptism. The baptism of Chandler. 

Miracles. He had had so much going on and a lot of opposition hit him right in the face, but he pulled through and was willing to meet with us and rekindle the feeling of the Holy Ghost. He is very strong and I have no doubt he is ready to be a member of God's true church on the Earth.

At his baptism, his mom and sisters were there. They, and us, and everyone, were all very emotional because of the sweet spirit of one of God's children making the first covenant to return home to Him. The spirit of peace and joy filled that day before and after that. Chandler texted us a couple of hours later and told us he got a pay raise, lol he said "God blessed me for paying tithing and for being baptized today." I have no doubt. I have no doubt. Keep doing what you're doing, I am very thankful to have gotten to know such a choice son of God.

Next stop. Lexi Raspberry . 

We walked in and she immediately wanted us to leave because she wasn't ready. Neither was I. I LOVE THE PICH/RASPBERRY FAM
After a lot of debate and really digging my heels in the ground, she agreed to a picture but said no to smiling. 

After more debate and really digging those heels in there, I got some smiling pictures. :) :') 

I am pretty much Lexi as a human, we took a personality test at a Relief Society activity and lo and behold, we got almost exactly the same scores in every section. Whether it's music, goals, communication, life, we have so much in common and I will miss her dearly. Driving away was a trip because she just held up the I love you sign in sign language and cried. Oh yeah, so did I. Just part of the job I guess, the part that people don't really prepare you for at the MTC. Someone should do something about that. :) I'm so glad I didn't have to say goodbye to Matt that day too, that would have been too much. I do pray for him all the time, and his deployment will probs be over in a couple of months so I hope they to come visit me in Crestview. 

Paul and Paula and Sweetie.

I love you. SO MUCH.

You are the essence of the very character of Christ. The way you serve everyone without any motive except to uplift and make others feel loved has impacted my LIFE. I am forever grateful for lessons at the kitchen table, tortelinni, mama hugs, paul stories, paula prayers, paul chocolate deals in the driveway, and running around the house with Sweetie. I can't believe how lucky I am to know you. 

Pray that Paul's skin cancer stays gone..

Then we were off. 


sleepover in Tally, training for the trainers Wednesday

saying goodbye to the most virtuous, lovely, of good report, and praiseworthy human ever: Sister Pyper 

transfer van full of crazy elders, two hour date with my bestie Sister Cook, and a drive in a car that is devoid of a bumper to Crestview later, and ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to announce once again:


"Toto we are defs not in Gulf Breeze anymore"

holy beans

I thought I was in the South.... Crestview is a huge slap in the face and a billboard saying:


I literally love it here. It is BEAUTIFUL. So many trees and feilds, it looks like Hooper Utah only there are no mountains and its a lot more green and there are a lot more trees. 

The rolling hills, the trailers, the old gas stations/stores/everything

Everyone has an accent here.

The ward is so awesome, they start out ward council with "Who had a missionary experience this week?" 

hehe.... me...

then the ward gives us three referrals in one day. 

I have met some amazing people but I will fill ya'll in next week because running out of time.

I have already seen some miracles here. Pray for Robin. 

My new companion Sister White is the most happy human in the world 
and is really good at keeping me in line when I get discouraged. 

fun fact: White Washing is Real. White Washing is Fun.

White Washing is Not Real Fun. 

Okay it's fun, just stressful because it's one of those things where you have so many people that are like

"If you have any questions just ask us."

then you're like 

"I don't even know enough to know what questions to ask.."

but it's going to be so great. This place and the people already makes my spirit happy, and my heart warm. 
Plus the heat is not so bad lately so that is also a tender mercy. 

Crazy moment of the week: Standing in the foyer of my new ward not knowing anyone, tall black guy walks up and shakes my hand

"Hello sweet sisters how are you."

"Well hello sir, we are doing great and yourself?"

"Wonderful!! I'm Elder Parker it's nice to meet you." in his awesome booming voice!

He walks away I look at Sister White

"What just happened..."

Sr. Missionary Elder says "Do you sisters know who just shook your hand??"

Yeah... Elder Parker is a member of the Seventy. He came unannounced, just showed up and spoke to the ward first and third hour. 

He rocks. He was the first black stake president in Atlanta Georgia and his brother is a Baptist preacher over 27,000 people in Atlanta.

Elder parker told a story of how his brother let him preach to his congregation of 27,000 people.
 Elder Parker preached a sermon using 3rd Nephi chapter 11. 
"I brought 10 missionaries and 150 Book of Mormons. When I was done we couldn't hand out those Book Of Mormons fast enough."

Reaffirmed the knowledge I have that the culture of the church is not what earns us salvation, it's the doctrine. Will I ever hear a sermon during relief society with as much energy and excitement as I did yesterday from Elder Parker? Maybe not but you can bet your bonnet I hope I do.


Make it a great day!

Reunion with some MTC buds