Thursday, August 13, 2015

MV: Week 7 Roundin' The Corner

I Literally Cannot Even

believe it has been seven weeks already


One more to go?!?!

She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes..

Some fun stuff happened this week.

1. I lost a man's credit card
2. I lost Charley in a mess of pizza's 
3. I lost my mind

Super nice guy comes in gets ice cream.. yadyadayada

Then, as I held his card over the ice cream freezer we scoop from and receipt in other hand for him to sign, I fail to completely hand it to him when he is done and it falls. 

No big deal there is a counter right below it and a floor right below that.. I apologized and started to walk away.

the man then informed me the card was gone. 

There is a little known fact about the counter in the Scoop Shack attached to the ice cream freezer that we scoop from... there is a TEENY TINY gap between the two, and if anything falls down there..

well, lets just say we nicknamed it the 
Point Of No Return

there is no moving of the machine because there is something like 45 tubs of ice cream in it

We have lost twenty dollar bills down that crevice.. 

His card would have better luck in the Bermuda Triangle

So he left his name and number, and was really nice about it, but I knew what needed to be done.


We tried to pull out the freezer first, four people, Charley and Tom

No Dice

We tried a stick of cardboard with tape at the end to snag the card

No Dice

Finally we tried an entire huge square of cardboard, pulled the register out, and slid the most unimaginable of items out the other side. 

Two twenties, two tens, spoons, spoons, more spoons, bags, finally 
The card.

I called the guy back, he informed me that he had canceled his card just minutes before and asked me to just cut it in half.

All that work.. for nothing.. 

But hey, we had a good laugh about it

Or at least we probably will someday. 

Fun fact, I worked quite a few doubles this week and one of them was in Pizza.

Nicest thing ever. 

I loved working pizza actually and I wish I could've picked up a few more of those shifts along the way. Less rush, more time to get to know people, and two of my favorite foreigners 
Charles and Dom
Charley is from Serbia and Dom is from Croatia

What happened when I asked him to say cheese..

We had a ball that day. 

Esp. When Charley spilled five pizzas on himself and all over the fridge.. 
what a hoot. 

One day in ice cream I overheard a convo with some random guy and Chancey

Chancey said "What can I get you?"
and some random guy said
"Oh good my wife just texted me. I asked her what she wanted, one sec."
He looked a little bit up there in years, and didn't seem to be technologically savvy
took him a moment to find her text and he just looked up and smiled
"She said ice cream duh"

lol at that random guy's wife
"What do you want at the Scoop Shack?"
"Ice cream duh"

I also, lost my mind.

Three doubles in three days can start to affect your mental health if you don't know

By that I mean, your sanity

During rush hour

(In ice cream rush hour is about three hours long, lines out the door)

A lady asked me for a scoop of mint ice cream

I grabbed a cup and made the most beautiful scoop ever, it was art

Problem.. It was strawberry ice cream on the opposite side of the freezer..

I stood up

She gave me a weird look

I realized I knew the whole time she wanted mint

but I just randomly got her strawberry

I apologized

I looked really stupid

and I told her that I had been there for twelve hours and asked for forgiveness

the whole group was in awe

Doubles are not that bad and hey, extra dough

but they were so funny:

"Hun you go home tonight and you get some rest. I mean it. Promise us you will go to bed"

I must have needed it

Also, due to the lack of sanity

I was singing that night, to customers, and giving miki and chancey konchos as I walked by

Don't know what a koncho is? Don't ask. 

THOSE are the things I lost

But what about the things I found this week?

I'm glad you asked.

1. I found... this one is a secret until further notice
2. I found a lemonade stand
3. I found BenYays


I found a piano

BUT not just any piano

HA I almost forgot I was in Martha's Vineyard and these people have some serious..

I went into a church on Church Street and it had a piano I asked the lady in there if I could use it and she said yes. I uncovered the cover of the piano in the church on church street in Edgartown to find


two hours of happy later I left

Also, after swimming at South Beach

(Our favorite because it's the only beach with enormous Cali-Like Waves)

I got to check "buy from lemonade stand" off my annual summer bucket list


It's pronounced Ben-Yays


"Imma need some of yo man catchin' bignets"

Yes I love Princess and The Frog

Turns out I love beignets too

We went to breakfast at a cafe called

Because it's.. behind a bookstore probably

Cute little patio outside cafe

And we got BenYays

Because as soon as I put that thang in my mouth it was a party

Definitely going back for more.. like right now.