Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fightin' In Terah's Army

Ovarian Cancer

Not a lot of talk about this one because it's a lot more rare in comparison to breast cancer

but it is still a fight that is being fought

Here is a little about someone I know fighting that fight

and about her Army of supporters 

Her name is Terah and she is in my branch here on the vineyard

She beat Ovarian cancer already, but recently it came back. 

She had to leave the island for a while for her Chemo sessions.

She is so strong, and even though I don't know her super well because she was just recently able to come back to the island, I look up to her strength.

She has a blog that tells about her experiences, and it is uplifting and positive like you can't imagine. 

ER fix it girl

Go check it out to learn how to become part of Terah's Army 

and to be uplifted, educated, and inspired to be a good person.

Her followers do something special for her

since the Ovarian cancer color is Teal, they paint their toenails teal.

As a branch, all the girls did so as well on Sunday and a sense of unity was felt.

Our Cute Sister Missionaries 

If you have teal nail polish, paint your toes ladies!

Send me a picture, and I will make sure she gets it.

Tis True

You or I or anyone else painting our toes a certain color, or wearing a wrist band that says Terah's Army, will not literally make any difference to the cancer. It will not physically help Terah, or take away any sort of pain or hardship that she suffers because of this bump in the road of her life.

But it will make a difference.

When I was on the drill team, we ran to condition in the summers.
It was hard.
Six miles.

You would have thought it was the football team out there all morning.

But as hard as it was, when the football team finally showed up, running that last two miles suddenly felt like a breeze. People were watching. Sometimes even cheering us on.
Even though it didn't take away the challenge of running, it gave us more motivation to finish strong.
Lifted our spirits.
And let's face it, cute boys.

Something I have learned from Terah, is that Christ works in a similar way. He more than likely will not just magically take away her cancer, but because of His love and her faith, he will make it easier and possible to kick this cancer in the hiney with a smile on her face. To finish strong.

We can do that too, so who's with me?

Paint your toes.

Remember Terah and the others just like her in your prayers
and in general, help motivate others, lift spirits, mourn with those that mourn, comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and endure well. Key word being well.
He is cheering his siblings on: Us
lets join Him


p.s. Grandpa Lyle, thank you for cheering me on in my own race of life.
Even though you finished yours early, you finished strong.