Sunday, November 8, 2015

Turning Things In October

October Is Over

So here it is

a post

all about stuff

that turned

"Turn down for what?"

1. I turned into a terrible driver
2. Clark turned the wrong blinker on whilst changing lanes on the freeway
3. The gang turned up.. Ke$ha style
4. I turned 19
5. President Robbins turned out to be the coolest dude ever. 
6. The leaves turned multiple different colors
7. My family turned right at exit 59 
8. I turned down for what during fall break
9. SUU turned into a farm
10. My date of worst nightmares turned out to be the
12. Squad turned to the Lord
13. The institute turned my rock into concrete 
14. I turned my oven into a fireplace
15. The old naked man turned in for the winter (jk)
16, Apartment two turned stairs into broken tail bones
17. I turned all my food into pumpkins
18. Got turnt at The Scream
19. October Turned Into November

I realize this is a long list so feel free to pick some of those numbers that look the most interesting 
and just read about those.

or read them all

yep just do that


1. I turned into a terrible driver
Story time

buckle up because this one is going to be a bumpy ride

that pun was punintended
it was intended

the general moral to the story you are about to hear is basically, be careful what you wish for

As I was driving home for the weekend with my trusty sidekick by my side: Lindsey Jean
my brain began to ponder...

that tends to happen when you have been in a car for three hours

I was thinking about some of the measures taken to protect the President and Apostles of our church. Security, and other fascinating protection methods to help them get around Salt Lake City safely. 
The reasoning for this, is because the adversary will stop at nothing to put a halt to the work of our Heavenly Father and the spreading and living of the gospel.
The Prophet as we call him, is an amazing man that impacts so many people. So these security measures are taken to make sure he is safe from dangerous people, and/or "accidental" car crashes.

I was pondering this, and the fact that I have never been in a car accident. Ever. 
As I prepare to go on a mission for 18 months I have started to have some concerns

am I good enough
will I even make a difference
how can I possibly show those people I'll be serving, that I love them even though I do not know them at all

As silly as it is and kind of in a half joking way I thought to myself: I must not be destined for great impactful things because I have never been in an accident, and if I was going to make a difference, satan would be trying harder to stop me possibly in that way. I laughed to myself thinking
"I should knock on wood"

I continued on my way and time passed.... dun dun dun

by time I mean literally two minutes later on the freeway
stop and go traffic
I crashed.

The end.


only not the end.

I wrecked my car going about 30 straight into the domino effect line of six cars in front of me.

Someone had hit someone else which caused the car behind them to hit which caused the car in front of me to slam on their breaks which caused me to slam on mine 
too little too late
I was the last car to hit for fetching sake

The cars ahead just drove off leaving me in my glory to get out, apologize to the extremely kind people in front of me
thank goodness they were so nice I would have cried
my first car wreck


I completely forgot that I had thought about that very thing just before until we were on the road again. 
I told Lindsey It was my fault this time 

Side note: Lindsey is bad luck to bring in any car anywhere
A. two different occasions I got two flat tires with Lindsey in my car
B. One occasion when my mom was driving Lindsey and I in my moms car, two flat tires
C. With Lindsey when I got my first speeding ticket.
D. With Lindsey when I got my second speeding ticket. 
E. Crack from top to bottom in my windshield, she was there.
F. Lindsey was there when I was pulled over for broken head light. Two different times. 

So here we were, and I of course wanted to blame Lindsey for being bad luck again, but it was my fault this time.
I told her what I had been thinking just before.


now an example of what an amazing friend she is

I'd list all of these out but there aren't enough letters in the alphabet

She said to me in this moment:

"See, that was God telling you that you are going to do amazing things on you mission, and in life."

He sure has a sense of humor ;)

No one was hurt and damage was minimal, and though the impact of the car was not enough to total it, the lesson I learned has had an impact. 



even if you don't have security following you around and secret passages 

You Can Change Someones Life For Good

(you is kind, you is smart, you is important)

even if it's your own!

and by doing that

You Can Change The World

My advice: learn from me so you don't have to pay $120 for that lesson

Thank Goodness For The Yummy Food At Grandmas On The Way Home Right After
comfort food
and my grandma
enough to make my day any day no matter what

:) :) :) :) * (: (: (: (:

2. Clark turned the wrong blinker on whilst changing lanes on the freeway

Driving back to college after this weekend was over.. 

The car in front of us used the left blinker to switch to the right lane

I was like.. whaa?

but forgot it.

all of the sudden, literally we were the only cars in the middle of nowhere on this two lane section on the freeway, they turned on their wrong blinker to get in front of me.

Then again to get into the right lane.

I sped up.

Lindsey and I were confused, but decided to play along with these hooligans.

I turned on the wrong blinker and got in front of them. 

I watched the rear view mirror and they changed lanes with their 

Who the fetch are these weirdos

Lindsey rolled down her window and stuck out her arm to signal a lane change.

Then ish got real.

They passed us and changed lanes using their arms, we sped up to get a good look at them
and as we passed
we look over

and there are five people in that car looking the opposite direction 
at a mountain
and nothing
that's right
waving and looking opposite of us..
creepy or what? 
but hilarious
I used my windshield wipers to signal a lane change

they sped up, but this time they had a note on the window


I did not read the notes from this point on

Lindsey did all the reading,
she only told me what was going on

and I drove like a responsible adult

Keep in mind

(even though I obviously didn't do a very good job of that)

I was just in a wreck!!!

So Lindsey read the note

Oh yeah, there were two cute boys driving and passangering 

forgot that tidbit

They said: Dixie?
us: No SUU
them: lame
us: we will change your mind

This conversation through passing notes on the window driving back and forth and next to them went on for the remainder of the drive which was roughly 100 miles.
we got numbers found out their names and had plans to meet them the next Saturday at our apartment
us: does that dinosaur phone even send a text
them: want to find out?
us: I don't know this note thing is pretty entertaining
them: cold.... ;(
us: much unlike yourselves ;)

I know, we are so smooth.

The two of them came over about a week later, we played games, made cake, and had a grand ole time. Shout out to Clark and Stan for creating the most fun/entertaining/excitement on the freeway we have ever had.

3. The gang turned up.. Ke$ha style

The sheep tunnels of cedar city are a must see. Graffiti all up in there everywhere. I think it's beautiful.

Well part of the gang and I took some music and glitter for a rave. 

"Make it rain make it rain throw some glitter make it rain"
"Dirt and Glitter cover the floor"

We had so much fun. Dance party in the sheep tunnels, aweee yeaaaah.

4. I turned 19


And it came to pass on the 9th day of the 10th month in the 1996th year of our Lord, Leslie and Ryan Saunders begat Ryanne.
 And behold, great was their joy.

I woke up and went downstairs to find out for the millionth time that I have the best people imaginable in my life.

I love CA if you can't tell ;)

My family at home ordered these lovelies for me <3

Lindsey decorated and made me muffins along with a blank paper with instructions to fill with the things that make me the most happy so that she could try to fill my day with those things on that paper. She is literally and figuratively the sweetest human ever, and made my first birthday away from home one for he books. Or in this case, the blog. 
I received some of the nicest acts of kindness I have ever received in my life of now 19 years.
I have the best friends/family/Lindsey in the world

That night I made Cajun Chicken Pasta for the missionaries and Salt Lake UT. brownies.
(cookie dough and oreos on bottom covered in brownie batter with chocolate chips baked to perfection for my birthday. Way better than birthday cake.)
It was a hit.

Thank you everyone that made my day so special. 


5. This doesn't have much to do with anything, but my stake president plays the drums, and is in Cairo right now. I know, he's the coolest S.P. of 2kEver.

6. The leaves turned multiple different colors


Wow the Beauty Of The Earth.

the leaves were just barely changing but we wanted in on that action.

So we went for a Sunday drive up the canyon, read, and enjoyed the lovely fall weather.

7. My family turned right at exit 59 
for everyone

so my family four hours north said 
hey, let's go visit some beautiful rocks and our recently aged 19 year old daughter down south
I was so pumped to show them my humble abode, and the beauty of Southern Utah.
A tourist we met at Kolob Canyon whom we later nicknamed Dr.Phil for various reasons,
Utah is the most under rated state in the entire U.S.A. I mean it.
He's not from these parts, and him and his wife took a road trip. 
I think he's right, but that's okay. I enjoy the serenity and quit of this beautiful state.
SHHHH keep it a secret Doctor Phil, or at least tell your friends back at home to google it instead;)

I also loved showing them my fave hike Kanarraville Falls

We Brought Lindsey

8. I turned down for what during fall break
I was like a chicken running around with my head cut off that weekend. 
Sunday I spoke in Stake Conference and despite the millions of people and amazing talks besides mine, I think it went alright.
also, there were not millions. but probably thousands. 

The next day I accomplished visiting three groups of people and a date with my brother.
all in all I saw 8 of my friends that I have missed
including my bro because he is one of my best friends and I missed him

it says homie backwards

9. SUU turned into a farm
Our little town finally got a chik fil a and it's right on campus!! 
To advertise, the creepiest thing ever walked around the library for like two hours.
I am not a fan of people in suits, you just don't know what their actually looking at in there.

ALSO good time to point out:
I have noticed 90% of you lovely readers read off of an iphone, I have had a lot of problems watching the videos I post on my phone so if you want to see my videos read it on a computer

10. My date of worst nightmares turned out to be the

So. I went on a date.

Some dates I do not talk about on my blog, but the noteworthy ones make it. 

because they are entertaining in some way or another and I want to remember them

let's go on a date      he says

yes!!!   I say 

and dance in my room

let's go to a haunted corn maze he says


oh boy

I say that mostly because haunted stuff is not my jam
it is not my jelly
or anywhere in between

you name it
If it is haunted
or even pretend scary

you can Count-Dracula.. me out


I will not be caught dead or alive at any of those places


I wanted to go on this date with this boy

at least now I can face one of my fears, was my thought process 

for those of you new to the haunted maze scene, you run around a maze half way trying to get lost and half way trying to get out while people in scary costumes and fake chain saws chase you.

I had never done it, and this was a brave step

hahaha funny opener to this date

I wasn't quite ready so when he knocked I yelled down 
come in!
he didn't hear me and after a moment he honestly thought he was being stood up
I felt like such a jerk
now we can laugh about it, but I felt so bad 

oh my gosh haha
I opened the door and he was about to get back into his brothers car, I was like where are you going?!?!
All ended up being well
we drove to the "maze"
and waited in an incredible line playing charades and having a grand time
I realized
all this hype for a maze?!?! I mean I know this is St. George but really?!?!?
the thing is we were in a line to get on a trailer to go to another line that upon reaching the front of the first line and being able to see where the trailer went I realized that we were not going to a corn maze at all.
It was actually a haunted house. 
I was getting physically nauseous and I tried to convey how scared I was but I also wanted to be brave
All around me were scared girls with their dates pretending to freak out and cling to the boys 
just an excuse to get close to a handsome boy
that is a perk, I won't be dishonest
but when the creepy man walked by me in line dressed as the scariest fetching clown you have ever seen, randomly giggling and breathing hard to himself and screaming in peoples faces at the top of his lungs
I clung to that boy so fast I probably almost knocked him over
my face was completely submerged in his sweatshirt 
praying that the clown would pass peacefully
which he did
and let me tell you ladies and gentlemen that was pure fear and panic
not a flirtatious fantasy
I think he realized this because later I found out he was contemplating giving me a way out in his head. I was so genuinely anxious he was thinking about telling me that we could just do something else on the fairgrounds so that I would be alright.
Sweet Boy
he decided to help me face my fears

now would be a great time to point out the fact that at this point in the story
mind racing I was realizing I could barely handle the preview, and wondering just how in the literal world I was going to survive the main event

Into the house we go

last of our group which was the
best decision

creepy things jumped out at the front of our group so I saw them coming
I almost punched some of them
actors or not, you have to be a bit off your rocker to act that way you psychos you..
pitch black
black lights
I felt like I was in a crack house on serious drugs
or at least how I would imagine that would feel, I have never and will never do drugs folks

through a trailer through a field through a bus on and on more scary crap more jumping more evil things more of my worst fears. 
claustrophobia, needles, clowns, zombies, you name it
I managed to stay away from the brunt of it until the very end

the path was super narrow, there was no getting around the dead girl in our path
she would have to move for us to continue
she would not move 
she got closer and closer to me
until my face was for the millionth time
smashed into him

boys aren't dumb

he says he didn't know it was a haunted house 
and that his friends led him to believe otherwise
hmmm.. smart guy

as I peeked after a minute to see if she was gone, she was closer
centimeters from my face

she could have licked me 


I hid my face again

I swear, five-ever later

 I look up sure she is gone,


she screams the most loud blood curdling scream imaginable right in my face

Right Next To My Face


I screamed too, but it sounded like a baby rabbit compared to hers.. 
I barely squeaked it out
then she finally moved

crazy chick
like who the fetch do you think you are
get out my way
I will beat you to a pulp 

I felt so fired up after she was gone, I was saying things like that just to contain my dignity

in reality if she would have showed up again I would have peed

in my pants

even more than I already had





I was so pumped

I conquered that lame haunted house
it wasn't even scary
would I do it again?



because it was scary that's why

I was thankful to him for getting me out of my comfort zone, but I will not be doing that again thank you very much. We then watched The Goonies it was great.
I ended up having a really great time and he was/is a very swell guy 

12. Squad turned to the Lord

sleepovers with these girls happen all the time

but this certain sleep over we had stake conference the next day

we all matched and I'd be lying if I said we didn't plan it...

"On Sundays, we wear pink"

but we looked so darn cute

I have to just take a minute to express my appreciation for these girls

I already talk a lot about how much and why I love Lindsey
but I also have to express the fact that I am also so grateful for my two new best friends here in CC
the late nights, deep talks, cuddles, matching, clothes borrowing, hair doing, road tripping and more
I Love You Jamie, Lindsey, and Sidney

13. The institute turned my rock into concrete

I am so excited to be apart of the Cedar City temple
Coming Soon

14. I turned my oven into a fireplace

sometimes I just want to curl up with a blanket and a book next to a fireplace with a cup of my favorite herbal tea..

but I do not have a fireplace

15. The old naked man turned in for the winter (jk)
So the old naked man goes on walks outside of his retirement home. I drive past this retirement home multiple times a day on my way to and from school so I see him often, 
not completely naked but shirtless and pushing around his walker in the parking lot
makes my day
I am half sure he is running away and they have to hunt him down everyday
but that's just a theory ;)
I didn't see him for a while, so I figured he turned in for the cold season... because walking with a shirt on just isn't the same..
I was wrong. He was out there the day before the first snow.
 What a stud. Probably in his eighties and he walks the parking lot naked like he owns the place.
even in the freezing cold

16, Apartment two turned stairs into broken tail bones 
in college, you find creative CHEAP ways to have fun
until the medical bills turn up

17. I turned all my food into pumpkins

Happy Halloween Snap to make the holiday official

18. Got turnt at The Scream

The Scream Was Off The Chain-Saw
it's a Halloween dance at SUU

Mass and HB came down for the weekend it was so good to see these lovelies :)

Also, hot rod (my good date;) and kevin were there which is pretty awesome. 

19. October Turned Into November

First Snow Of The Season

And That's Almost A Rap

some random odds and ends to end my post

Congrats to Aubrey my dear cousin, she is now a state volleyball champ.
also, look how cool these photos of me are on McKay's truck
congrats to him as well, he just got his mission call to the Philippines!!!

Make It A Good Day

Love Me