Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fabulous in Florida

Service with a smile:)

The way last week started:

finished emailing family and friends, went to wally world, bought some cheese, bagels, and drano, and left the Walmart parking lot. Down the road I see Sonic.

Naturally I want a milkshake.

So I start to get in the turning lane.

I swore I heard the phone, asked Sister Pyper about it and she started searching.
The phone was gone.

We went back to wally world and lo and 
behold, it was in the parking lot in our shopping cart. Whew!

As we go to pull out on the highway making a left turn, I notice a huge truck at the stop light perpendicular to our left. The man inside is starring at us.

So as we pull into the intersection to turn left, we pass him. 

He creepily waves at us. I smile and wave back whilst still making a turn....

 Florida has these rando patches of grass in the middle of the road, and I just about ran over the whole thing because I was not paying attention.

After we are safely driving on the asphalt once again, we end up going to get our car washed. So naturally at the free vacuum station I take out the box of seashells in our car and put it with our umbrella on the trunk.

 Then we vacuum and leave.

At a stop light half a mile down the road... Some dude taps on my window carrying a box of sea shells...

"Thank you so much."

Line of the Monday 

Sister W. to her son:

 "That's sweet, but we're actually not supposed to kiss the missionaries."

That's right, a five year old gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Okay so there are actually two lines of the Monday

one of the Baxter kids:

"Sister Saunders, when you are done with your mission, you can come to our house on Friday to watch the Angry Birds movie with us."

Sister Baxter:
 "She's not going to be off her mission for a long time sweetie."

Brother Baxter: with a tone of mockery:

"Actually, yeah she probably will soon because sisters have such a dang short mission."

Sister Baxter: with a tone of saltery: 

".....It's because they can accomplish more in less time."

Sister Saunders:

"Shots fired."

haha life is a daily adventure and I love it so much.

Some majorly significant things have been happening.

Chan Chan is getting baptized on Saturday, so proud of him and his ability that is so far above what it should be to "yield to the enticings of the spirit"

We also had a zone training, it was so good.

phenomenal actually.

The leaders of the pensacola zone truly are remarkable, they really dropped the hammer down (with love) in a lot of ways.

It lit a fire in me for sure, a spiritual one, not like the kind of fire that is currently destroying my favorite (and probably only) island in Utah.

but a fire that expounded and enlarged my soul.

What a spiritual boost it was, I realized so many things I need to do better, but it wasn't discouraging it was encouraging that Sister Pyper and I are making significant progression in the work and in our daily life as missionaries.

Something else fun, exchanges.

I heard from multiple sources last week about Lindsey and her farewell talk. 

The highlight (pun not intended) that seemed to be prevalent was the fact that 

God doesn't just know us, he notices us. 

Like the sunrise, we may all know it happened this morning, but did we notice it? Did we appreciate it's beauty and all the things it does for us?

Got me thinking. 

The sun. The Son.

Even after we know of the Savior do we Notice the effect of what His life means for us? Do we notice His hand in our lives each day?

I shared this in a lesson on exchanges, it fit perfectly with what the girl was saying to us. She had been going to Alcoholics Anonymous and as she told her story about AA and her road to recovery, she mentioned all the things she noticed God was doing for her to be able to get through her trials.

She said that word many times "notice"

I was able to bear witness that He does notice her. I used the analogy Linds gave in her talk (look at Lindsey already doing missionary work and she hasn't even gotten to the MTC)

Later, in Milton Florida, when I was on exchanges with Sister Smoot, I mentioned to her my desire for Little Caesars pizza because Gulf Breeze does not have Little Caesars

(lol bc I just read an email from my dad telling me what I eat is just as if not more important than how much exercise I get..)
    Eggs Are Sides
    For Bacon

We plopped it into the gps and found it was probably too far away, contemplating our decision we got into a turning lane to make a u-turn looked up and saw 


silly gps

We then freaked out and thanked God for noticing how much we wanted to save miles and still eat pizza. 

He's in the details of our lives brothers and sisters. Every detail, so stop being skeptical. There are no such thing as coincidences


 -stolenfromthesoontobeMrs.Davidson (Kymmber.. that's you)

Now I just have to say this:

Braden and Hales

Congrats on accepting the calling/command to multiply and replenish the the earth ;)



(inside joke bc Boston likes his name so much he told them to name their firstborn after him--first and middle names)


Dear certain missionary going to the MTC on Wednesday:

Please know some things
1. I love you 
2. God wouldn't feed you to the wolves, He has been preparing you long before this life for what you are about to do. Just remember Christ's invitation "Follow thou me." and then Help others to do likewise. "Feed My Sheep."
3. Please never shower bare footed at the MTC.  Never.
4. If you ever see an MTC teacher that is either super preggo or just had a baby named Sister Yorgenson, tell her she changed my life.
5. Let the people that you are surrounded by change yours.
6. Heart Locked, Eyes Open. ;)
7. You know more than you think you know.
8. Always testify of Christ
9. Don't try to fit the mold, be yourself. We are not meant to become Jesus, but to become LIKE Jesus.  

I love you all big.

think of me when you go outside today... yesterday was abnormally cool so I wore a cardigan to church and the whole day. 
I realized as we got in the car and looked at the temp IT WAS 94 DEGREES

I am a true Floridian look out world. 

Paul got Sister Pypes and I the cutest little mini cakes (petite fours) that made Sister Pypes Culinary Arts Major Heart so happy, and my love for tiny desserts increase.  (still unsure how that's even possible.)

and Paula bought us the cutest water bottles because she said ours are so beat up we shouldn't be drinking out of them. I seriously love these two.

BIG OLE PS I GOT INTERVIEWED BY A YOUTUBER THIS WEEK WHO WANTED TO SPREAD THE RUMOR THAT MORMONS AREN'T CRAZY  ;) here's the link and shout out to Bre Plus Three for her sweetness and honesty.


that is my simple request

all  things  



This is how we set up appointments with Alexis:) #Adele