Sunday, October 11, 2015

Catchin' The Drift

Like... picture my new college life throwing all of these new experiences my way and now saying
"This is your new life. You catch my drift? Do you get it yet? Do you understand?"
Yeah. I am starting to catch your drift.

Do you catch my drift?

I am in the process of "getting it." 

and loving it.

I get closer and closer each day.

I finally braved going to the third floor of the library.

I have traded my fangs and my silver coat in for some wings and the color red

Now I Can Fly


I am starting to feel like I belong

What more is there to say? 


There is a time to just throw stuff on a page and call it a blog post
There is a time to be silly 
There is a time to be serious.

I am being serious right now


This is me being serious.

Serious, I am.

I am sorry I couldn't resist, try not to picture this when you go to sleep tonight.
why so serious??


A word invented in America surprisingly not for a long time. For a nation that is like
 and all that jazz

 it wasn't until the late 1830's that this word was introduced

(One of Lindsey's and my favorite past times is to teach recently returned missionaries words that they have missed that they haven't been introduced to in the past two years. Among others are the words ratchet, on fleek, and how to throw up the fierce sign. These are a little different than individualism..;)

I am learning what that word means, and what it means to be an individual and it is amazing.

Fun facts about life, toddlers go through a stage where a famous man that contributed a ton to human development declared them "little scientists." 
Why? Because suddenly their minds as developing human beings are expanded, their lives are broadened, and the world comes alive.
They can walk, they can talk, they start to retain memories that shape their personality and their knowledge. At this age, curiosity runs wild as they experience and test out things we take for granted now.
 For example, once upon a time the toilet was the most interesting thing in the universe 

no matter what you put in it
 seconds after you pulled that lever, it disappeared into
 for all we knew a worm hole 
gone forever into the deepest part of the universe. 
Like how amazing is that?!?!

When's the last time you enjoyed moments like this!?

Think about it next time you flush.

As we get older, especially as the young adult I am, exploration of the world around us is still apart of life
but learning about ourselves and whats inside of us as we branch out is more of the focus.
 our own potential
our own passions
capability in the 
"real world"
takes. shape. 
it's begun

It's not a "Who am I?" Journey like it is in the movies
I know who I am and where I came from
but I am figuring out more about who I can become
I am learning

the habit or principle of being independent and self reliant 

I learned a little about this in Massachusetts this summer,
but then again...

free pizza free housing free ice cream free sandwiches and $69 in tips everyday is not exactly the universal vision of

"self reliance"

oh the joy of reality

I am not joking

It is harder for sure, but I am progressing I am working hard and learning so much
I have learned that work and self reliance = happiness

sometimes when I am hungry, I don't agree with that statement^^

but when I went home for the weekend for labor day and again about a month later, I realized moms left over Swedish meat balls have never made me happy like this before if at all.
No offence mom, they are really good
you never know what you've got until it's gone
you cannot experience happiness in your everyday life
if you never go without some of the things that have lost their luster
I would never enjoy the sunny humid California weather like I do if I lived there
as opposed to the dry ten foot snow winters of Utah
And I never would have appreciated the
"big rocks"
of Utah that
"I could google pictures of that if I wanted to see it"

My brother sent me this picture reccently..

^^(my response to our family trip to Bryce Canyon when I was 15)^^

I love these things now because I experienced being away from it

Happiness in short, comes from humility, learning, work, and rough times. 

Things I have learned, and am still learning about myself

1. There are things I am not good at. (what.... no way I am good at everything...) No for real. There are things that I am not good at and that is perfectly okay. I promise, this thought process has not always been the case. Almost everything I tried I could do, and the things I couldn't I pretended didn't exist. Why is there so much pressure to be amazing at everything anyway? I have talents, but I am learning, there are things I am just not good at. Like ping pong. I found that out last night. I am a million miles from going pro in the ping pong business. It  was so fun though! Not something I would have enjoyed BC (before college) because I am super competitive and if I am terrible, I usually don't like it or do it ever again but I will most definitely be picking up the paddle again someday hopefully soon. ;) 

2. I like my room clean. (Again, what is happening and who is this Ryanne girl that supposedly likes a clean room. She has never showed up before.) Lol still part of my thought process. My friend James just walked by and stared at me for twenty seconds and I didn't even notice because my blog juices are flowing. He later stopped by to make fun of me because he was like three feet away staring at me and got nothing in return because I was "In the zone" 
Sorry James
What was I saying?!?!? Oh yeah. I like my room organized much unlike my current thought process.

3. I love preparing for/day dreaming about/reading about the
Mission. Wow. I am more certain now than ever that I am going to go on a mission. God's mission. To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of men and women. It moistens my eyes a bit just thinking about it. Reading the weekly emails of my best friends that have served and are serving now, and even complete strangers deepens my testimony of the work they do, and teaches me that I am completely all in. I could say I'm excited to give up a year and a half of my life to the Lord, but that is not the case. I cannot give up something to Him that wasn't mine to begin with. I am not even giving Him my agency, because ultimately he gave me that as well. I am going to be using the agency that he gave me, to become an instrument in His hands. However imperfect of an instrument I am, I will be sounding a perfect message. He lives. Jesus is the Christ. He loves us, and He wants us to be with Him, and the rest of our families together again. 

4. There are some things that I have weeded out of my subconscious list of judgmental tendencies. At the same time, there are certain things I will no longer put up with in my associations that bring me down. I realize these are broad statements, but I will leave it with this. We can love others, even the most disrespectful unkind vain people we know without letting ourselves be subject to their negativity or unacceptable behaviors and outright mistreatment of our love and kindness. In short we can love and serve one another without letting them walk all over us and bring us down.
 "Don't take my kindness, and mistake it for weakness." 

5. I have no sense of urgency. Lindsey could've told me that months ago and my parents probably years ago.. I am getting better at doing homework way in advance.. but when it comes to getting ready to be at school or fhe I swear, I just do not have an accurate perception of time and how long it takes me to do things. A typical sentence from me an hour before institute starts: "Lets take a twenty minute nap, go on a hike, come home, eat, and head to institute!" 
Let's do the math:
If Ryanne takes a 20 minute nap, spends 2 hours hiking and 40 minutes eating, will she make it to her class in 60 minutes? How many minutes (if any) is she in the hole? 

A. No

B. 240 minutes.

C. LOL what is Ryanne thinking?!?!? She is insane and probably needs to cut out everything on that list because she has homework and even if she thought about eating after 20 minutes of homework, that wouldn't even work: she has no food.

Answer: D all of the above ;)

6. One of the best ways to learn and retain information, is to teach it. Study groups are so helpful because of this. As others teach I learn, as I teach, I retain. 

7. I don't know everything. BUT. Even if I don't know everything, I know enough. I got called the first week of being here to be a Sunday School Teacher. That means every other week I teach a lesson to a bunch of single adults for an hour. AN HOUR. I prepare lessons. Me, a freshman, to a bunch of sophomore's juniors, seniors, and beyond. Also, I was asked to speak in sacrament and again at my home stake conference in A TABERNACLE next to the Ogden temple full of hundreds of people. No exaggeration. Intimidating?!?!?! I think: Yes. What do I know? I am learning that I do not know everything, but I do know enough to let the spirit guide me, and ultimately teach through me. That is all I need.

8. I love food. Cheap food is bad for me, and pricey food is... well.. pricey. That is a problem that has been solved by my amazing grandparents and family. My grandma Pat made me tons of salsa, frozen breakfast burritos (I had about twenty a week ago and now there are two left. They are so tasty) She also gave me frozen salmon! Mom gave me tons of leftovers and tortillas so I can make myself a dang quesadilla or two. My grandparents Nanny and Grandpa gave me vegetables galore from their garden of wonders. Legitimately, if there really is someone out there with a green thumb, Vaughn's entire hand is green. These acts of love bring me to the last thing on my list. 

9. Family. I have learned a lot more than nine things, but these sum up the just of the rest. Out of these nine however, and any others I have not mentioned, this one is the most important. It began in Massachusetts and continues further here. The things I have learned from my goodly parents will travel with me through the eternities. Sound a bit dramatic? I do exaggerate quite often, but let me assure you, this my friends, is no exaggeration. Love you mom and dad thank you for your council love and guidance even when I fall short. 

now for the stuff I have been doing 
there's too much to mention it all so I will narrow it down a bit


1. Snapchat updated their stuff and so did Lindsey. 

2. The institute dance/drive in movie
It was so fun.
We spent some time eating and hanging out with our favorite line buddies Ammon and Kendrick, then we went to the drive in movie at the school and watched Inside Out. I love that movie. Then we went back to the institute for the dance and it was seriously, so fun. 

3. Mikinon got her mission call!!!!
I am still in shock.
We each drove an hour and a half to meet between UVU and SUU so that she could read to me her call in person. About twenty four hours before she read it to everyone at home, but I was unable to attend. I was not about to miss out so everyone was sworn to secrecy!! We both cried as she pulled out her call in a Subway parking lot in the happening town of Scipio population of 17 ;)
and basically
This woman is going to move MOUNTAINS in...

wait for it...


she is now on her way to becoming a true Arkansan 


What an amazing human this girl is. I love her so much.

4. What is a normal class like at SUU?

5. Facetime sleepover with Walli
No kidding, we facetimed Walli and she fell asleep, so we did too and I'm pretty sure we stayed that way until Lindey's phone died. 

6. Rain
It rained. It poured. Nobody snored. 
We danced we jumped we fist bumped
the neighbors joined us
but those that didn't
watched from the windows
and thought we were weird. 
I am a poet, but don't worry, I know it. 

7. Kanarra Falls
Loved this hike it was so sweet! Only a few minutes away we went with Squid and a bunch of other people including but not limited to  our new German friends. 

Straight flexin'^^^

German friend^^

8. Lindsey and Diego
Linds had her last 4h horse show deal with her favorite buddy/horse Diego. She did so great and I was privileged to be able to go and watch her last event. How sick is this photo?!?!?
She's kind of a big deal.

9. Homecoming weekend










The day before the homecoming game, so Friday, tons of shinanigans were happening that night at the school.
There was a concert with a guy that sang tons of old classic rock songs. It was so fun.
I danced, I screamed out "I love rock n roll" and almost cried when "Don't Stop Believing" was played. During that song of all songs, Kendrick said

"You going up?!"

me: "What?!?"

"You going up?!!! Yeah??"

"No?? No! What?"

Him and Ammon then lifted me up and fed me to the crowd.


I Crowd Surfed. 

For like... a long time.

I would be lying if I said I was not violated more than a few times as I was passed from group to group...

But hey: I was crowd surfing.


As I walked straight back to where my persons were, I received many high fives and "good job"s

 I admit I was a little confused because I didn't really do anything, I just let the masses carry me away.
The rest of that night was super fun, as was the next day.

In the morning, there was a parade. 

I got a call saying they needed help carrying a banner in the parade.


I have been in many parades with the drill team, and walking on foot in black uniforms dancing and walking straight at the blaring sun is no picnic. 

Which is why the homecoming parade for my dear Southern Utah University was much different

I was to hold the honorary Science and Engineering banner to introduce the clubs behind me in that category.

The banner said:

you'll never guess

Science & Engineering



Science is to Ryanne, As Water Is To Oil


I had an important job to do, and I held that fetching banner with pride

As I walked people would cheer because they felt bad for me

"Yay for science and engineering"


The kids didn't even give me a second glance because I had no candy for them


but the missionaries were there and I just happen to know them


Later at the game when I ran into Elder Stone

"Hey Ryanne! I saw you in the parade!!!" 


yes I know


At the game, we creamed everyone like cream of mushroom soup.




Well That's A Rap My Friends

Until Next Time

con mucho amor, Ryanne