Monday, May 9, 2016

I Heart The Fam

So yeah.
a lot happened this week..
but I'm just going to stick to the things I got pictures of because I am a little bit over stimulated because
a. I got to see my family yesterday.
b. really it's just a.

They are real humans!  My family exists!  
So does my cute grandma! and so does my cute best friend Lindsey!

It was so overwhelming in the best worst way. 
I love them so much, and they love me too! Can you even imagine? I am such a lucky human. 

The Face time chat went by way too fast but I know those rules are put in place for a reason and all that's left to say is Happy Birthday to my Dad yesterday you lucky dog, and Happy Mothers Day to the most amazing Mom in the world, and Happy Birthday to my mom in two days! I love you two people. 
I am glad I got to see your faces yesterday even though it literally felt like someone was chucking my heart around and stomping all over it.

Thank you for all your kind words and for caring about me for eternity. :)

Shout out to the sibs

Rachel you are so pretty, like woah.  You are such a beautiful girl 
(p.s. I know I have only been gone three months but I swear they looked older.)
Seth you melt my heart with your cat romance and huge muscles.
Saul even though you talked to me for thirty seconds and ran out to cause trouble somewhere else 
in the house, it was good to see your little self and answer your question 
as to why on Earth I attempted to hit a bunny twice with a car. 

(refer to the blog titled Animals Gone Wild)

Shout out to Grandma Pat

Bless your heart grandma, I love you more.  Thank you for braving the cat and stepping foot onto our property just to talk to little old me.  Happy Mothers day to you yesterday, thank you for raising one of the Earths best humans (my dad) 

Lindsbae: I'm sorry about the random commands I shouted out to you during that Face time session, I didn't mean to sound bossy, I just wanted you to know about the things I wish I would have done before I left on my mission because I love you so much and you are going to be a much better missionary than I am. 

That List For All Future Missionaries:


Simplify and intensify each paragraph in chapter three
(summarize each paragraph into one sentence or two that hits the most important things about each paragraph) Then take time to not memorize your one/two liners, but "ponderize"  them in order to get a feel for the lesson flow.

2. Read Becoming a Consecrated Missionary. 

3. Do something hard away from home/family. 

Speaking of missionaries STEVE YOU ARE GOING TO BE SO AMAZING IN ECUADOR oh my goodness my heart is so full and happy for you dearest I love you so much. <3

Madi "Steve" Stevens with her mission call:)

So excited for ya'll.

Speaking of ya'll 

(don't listen to my family they think I have an accent already, they are crazy. )


I've just been spending too much time with Paul & Paula I guess ;)  I love you Paul & Paula! 

Paula is gone for the next couple of weeks so last Wednesday sister C had to say goodbye to her. It was tough but not too tough because it's not goodbye forever, it's see you later. Sister C leaves in just one week and a half, and she will be able to call Paul and Paula on the phone! 


Paul and his sweet self, went and got the three of us roses!
He also put together a couple of jars of the seashells he has dove for. (did I mention Paul is an expert certified diver and he even has his caves license??)
So basically that jar of shells is going to live with me forever.  They're beautiful. And so are the roses.

We also got to eat a delicious southern meal of ribs and potatoes and short cake! <3 

they have provided all sorts of entertainment as we have found different ways to sort them, and each took one of each to decide what flavors they all are. 

Last night we got to go to the Baxters a member family, I am kind of obsessed with them but not as obsessed as the kids are with my camera. Especially Haven, she is four and she loves me because I am from West Haven and her name is in my home town. Also: she has an October birthday and she forced me to eat chocolate ice cream last night. I sure love this family! They stole my camera and had quite a photo shoot.. 

anyway I am going to be a huge-o nerd right now and tell you all 
May the Fourth Be With You 
because I couldn't on here May Fourth.. LOL 

Happy Star Wars

I tried to celebrate it in the little ways I could ;)

(it helped that my companion shot me with a nerf gun to be festive)


now I'm off to play tennis. 

<3 Ya'll

Make it a good day:)

Side saddle on a pink flamingo isn't as easy as it looks ;)

Sister Saunders :)