Monday, September 19, 2016

Crestview Coming In Clutch



Look what we found....

-I love this crazy place. Yes I love Crestucky. I love these humans.

-If you can't already tell I am on cloud NINE today. SO happy about life and it's prospects.

-At Burger King the other day --having a meeting with our ward mission leader (who happens to be the most amazing human ever.. like he should win an award for all he does for us and does to help the work move along in Crestview)

and a homeless man approaches us and let's us know he is a pastor for a homeless community church. He asked us to pray with him, so we stood up held hands and he prayed for us. It was awesome. And interesting because one of the Elders had to hold his nub.. the guy was missing an arm.

Also, I opened my eyes for a minute to see one of the Elders holding hands with my companion and raising his eyebrows up and down because he was holding hands with a girl on his mission.  I died.

-We got pulled over. The cop tells us we don't have the right stickers on our bike rack and the only reason he's not giving us a ticket is because he is in the other ward in Crestview.

Later we found out from the Elders that had talked to him, that the stickers issue was completely and utterly bogus. The guy just wanted to "give the new missionaries a hard time and a good story"

perhaps he didn't anticipated giving us a hard time, a good story, and a heart attack.

but that wasn't the first time I had a heart attack this week.

The Elders had a baptism on Saturday, we show up, they hand me a program and say
"You might want to look at that"

I open the program and sit down and almost throw up because
"Talk on Baptism.........Sister Saunders"

is in the program.


I can do this.. I was all pumped and trying to think of every scripture about baptism I know and they laughed at me the whole time so I realized.. they were completely bogus.

I was right, they printed a program especially to freak me right out.

-I had deep fried catfish with cheesy grits at an old family owned restaurant called Tropic Palm the other day. No one in there was younger than 45 and Sister White and I were the only people in there with more than two teeth.

-People give directions like this
"you turn right at the Tom Thumb.. you know the tom thumb?"

which one? (there's a tom thumb everywhere you look)

"the one next to the Waffle House"


"Aren't there three Waffle Houses on that road?"

-I went to a Methodist bible study group session last Tuesday and they argued with each other over one verse that would have made 100 percent sense to them right when we read it if they didn't believe in the trinity. But they believe in the trinity so naturally the whole bible study was absolutely confusing and the spirit was not there.

No offense to Methodists, they are so far my favorite religion and if I wasn't a member of the only true and living church of Jesus Christ on the Earth I'd probs be Buddhist

 but a close second to that would be the Methodist  :)

And yes we were told before the bible study to keep our Mormon lingo out of the discussion, but we did make some comments about our interpretations of the verses and left with peace and they invited us to come back again so SEEDS PEOPLE. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SEEDS

plus an old lady there gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug so I think our Mormon Lingo was acceptable after all!

-We got to sing at the old folks home with the youth Wednesday and meet some potential investigators

one is 102

that's right, she's 102

They absolutely loved the singing, and at Chill Frozen Yogurt afterwards some of the youth started playing
"I hope they call me on a mission" on the ukulele and sang it with us.

-This ward is the bomb.

The young women are having a party for Halloween and inviting their friends so that we can go and share the gospel with them.

-Just received an online referral to go teach a women in Crestview looking to convert:)

send prayers our way.


but especially Saul this week because it's his birthday, I will never forget the first time I saw a picture of my little brown brother and knew he was supposed to be my brother forever. I will never forget walking in the house to find balloons a year later and a sign telling us we were finally cleared to go pick him up in Guatemala. I will NEVER FORGET the feeling I had in the temple as a 12 year old being sealed to this little guy for all time and eternity.


I LOVE YOU SAUL happy tenth birthday you 
lil rascal <3 miss you bunches

Have a fab week ya'll

I love you

but I actually really mean that a lot, those words might be the most overused in the language of humans but don't just read that and let it go.


-Sister Saunders <3

(ps transfers are Wednesday and I'm staying, so is Sister White so I will be killing her. Basically I am either killing or birthing companions apparently ;)