Monday, July 4, 2016


Hi I'm Sister Saunders and.. I LOVE THE U.S.A.

I have patriotic pride.

My zone leaders texted this hashtag to us yesterday: #RedWhiteAndBetterThanYou


But for real

Freedom, Food, Guns, Religion, Speakin' Our Mind, Standing up for what's right, Liberty, Justice, Democracy..

Makes my heart swell and sing (scream) at the top of my lungs to Sister Pyper all day yesterday and today.. 




I am serving in an area very near to an Air Force Base, AND a Navy Base. There are many who serve our country in my ward, I have come to gain a HUGE respect for these amazing men that leave sometimes for 6 months. Bro. Caree left his family for 9 months for Desert Storm. 

I owe so much to these and others in the past and more to come that fiercely care about even those they've never met in this great country enough to leave their families to protect us all. 

Happy Birthday America, shout out to the founding fathers and mothers, and to those that continue to keep "defending her still today."

God Bless The U.S.A

Some cool things happened last Monday, our district leader gave us some great advice. He told us to make a small box that says "The Lord's hands" on the outside. 
Whenever we are dealing with something that is not in our control, he advised us to write it down and put it in the box. 

Put our struggles in the Lord's hands.

Later, at Paul and Paulas, we had planned on sharing a message about faith and walking on water, when we changed our plans and shared the first two commandments. 
Love God
Love your fellow humans

Paula then bore a powerful testimony about things that are hard for us to deal with or let go. Things that make it hard to love our fellow humans. She said, "I've learned I just have to put it all in the Lord's hands."

That night our district leader texted us a talk to read from this recent general conference. It was Elder Hollands talk that specifically talked about
Loving God +
Loving your fellow humans

Coincidences- No. Spiritual inspiration- Yes. 

Shay sent me a package last week, and in it is the cutest little notebook. 

She shared so many tidbits of wisdom that motivated, and uplifted her on her mission. She wrote them all down for me, little ol' Sister Saunders :)

I decided the rest of this notebook is going to be "The Lords hands."

As I wrote these words on the binding of this notebook, I realized that as I write the things I can't control down on this paper to let them go, I will be 
"Writing things in the Lord's hands"

He literally is in control and He literally took on all the things we struggle with when we aren't in control, 
in His hands. 

His hands are not alone in their testimony of who He is, there were also stories written in His feet, in His side, and in His heart.  

As I write the things I am giving up to the Lord in this little book, I will let them go. I will let Him take those things, because He already did so I wouldn't have to.

"Let it go let it go, can't hold it back anymore.." -Elsa

Let go and Let God plant your roots on gospel sod 
watch the word grow day by day He is the light He is the way. 
Jesus Christ is in control the winds and weeds may take their toll, but if we surrender our will to Him we will be made whole through every limb. So put your worries in His hands His burden is easy and light, take His yoke upon you and you'll reach your highest height.

Tuesday in district meeting some things got brought up about forgiveness. 

Forgive others, then forgive yourself. 

I learned that in order to fully forgive others, I have to forgive myself. 

That. Is. So. Hard.


We shared with a family today, the importance of family council. There has been some turmoil in the family, to the point that the parents who aren't members reached out to us to try and unify their family. 

I am soooo not qualified to council families even if it's to council them on having family council, nor is that in my job description;) but as a 19 year old punk, I can straight up tell you that much of what came out of my mouth to help this family was not mine. 
I couldn't even tell you what I said.. but I can tell you what I felt: peace. 

I hope and pray they felt it too, and that something I said clicked. I know it did, because it wasn't what I said that did the clicking, it was the Spirit. I love that feeling, I don't think I will ever get used to it.

I love those fellow humans.

We have been meeting with our new investigator Brenda for a couple of weeks. She wants to be baptized! She is so fantastic, and her kindness never ceases to amaze. I have had some very amazing experiences in her home, I know that her parents are very excited because when she is baptized, they will then have the opportunity to be baptized as well. 

Vicki is going to Utah to visit her fam in Brigham in a couple of weeks, she said she will bring me back Pizza Plus bread sticks----and some peaches ;)  Best breadsticks ever I discovered while taking drivers ed and the instructor had us drive to Brigham for that very reason....and on the freeway;) 

We still have a mutual love for Paul and Paula, and Sweetie who ate about 20 McD's chicken nuggets for dinner the other night.

Lexi just finished the 5th book in The Work and The Glory series and loves them so much. We have been studying church history, and Joseph Smith with her. I have learned so much from her.

Sister Pyper is still taller than me, and she teaches me everyday. If I had to pick only one attribute she embodies, it would be VIRTUE
Her thoughts her words her actions are graceful, soft and pure. Things I defs need to work on being. 

Sister Smith in our ward gave us some advice pertaining to the way the world makes us feel. "In todays world, kids grow up thinking they are never enough as far as looks go. It's the parents job to help them have a good self esteem. My kids think they're the most gorgeous things to walk the planet. Are they? Absolutely not. But they deserve to feel that way."

hahaha I love her.

My mom told me Captain America doesn't die, and Iron Man has to eat a slice of humble pie. #TeamCaptain 

I also found out my favorite animal is in my favorite Disney movies sequel. 
(Beluga whale in Finding Dory??? what?!?!)

Pray for connor, they found a cyst on his brain and he is shortly going to have brain surgery.

Another investigator, C****** is doing so well. We asked him to read 2 Nephi Chapter 2 and he went home and read it three times in two days because he wants to understand so badly. 

We invited him to be baptized the first lesson which can be intimidating and he replied telling us he has been baptized by immersion from another church.

We explained the importance of being baptized by the power of the priesthood, which can also be intimidating. It's not exactly pleasant trying to tell someone their expression of love and devotion to Jesus while admirable, isn't valid.

Whenever we do however, it's like sitting on pins and needles watching every face twitch and mannerism to prepare for what the person is going to reply to that news. Trying to see if they understand the power of the priesthood. 

but C****** listened, and he said "Okay sounds good." Then he smiled as if we had told him something about the weather this week.

It amazes me how prepared people are. How some that have been taught the doctrine of the trinity their whole lives accept the truth that God Jesus and the Holy spirit are one in purpose, and  they are separate beings
"That makes so much more sense." 

But others have never questioned it so when presented with this truth they suddenly close up because they don't want to question something safe that they have always believed. 

The importance of asking questions is unquestionable. ;)

Now for some info about the zone conf we had this week to meet our new mission President and Wife.

They are amazing. 

We were able to hear of their wonderful testimonies, and I know that they truly are set apart representatives of Jesus Christ to direct and guide this part of His vineyard. 

As they shared with us more about them and how they found the gospel (they are both converts) the Spirit was strong, and when President Smith (the second as he reffered to himself lol--bc my first Mission president was also Smith) got to the end of his message he shared with us his favorite scripture.

of all the scriptures.

you're never going to guess what it is but here's a clue:

the same scripture is engraved on a plaque with my picture next to it sitting behind glass at my home ward building in Utah.

Yes indeed. It's 2nd Nephi 31:20 

The Mission Theme while they are presiding the next three years is going to be 
"Press Forward"

not to mention out of my entire zone, I was asked to lead the music and the closing hymn was "Press Forward Saints" (my fave hymn) and President Smith said "This happens to be my very favorite hymn as well."

Yeah. I think we are going to get along pretty well :) I know for a fact I have SO much to learn from these people. I have learned SO much from Presdent Smith and Sister Smith, the first, I cannot imagine how much I will continue to learn from the new President and Wife but I am stoked out of my mind.

..last pic with President and Sister Smith, the first <3

*get outta your mind

We met a 92 year old woman the other day.

The name she is known by is Queen.

She is exactly as her son put it 
"hanging on by a thread"

We were able to visit with her, she can't completely comprehend what's going on and usually doesn't say more than one word at a time. 

I sat next to her bed for a while and she had quite a grip let me tell you, I held her hand for a long time and when we attempted to leave, the strength in her hand was amazing!

I couldn't get her to let go it was the sweetest thing. 

After about 40 minutes, we had heard her say probably 3 words, but as we said goodbye she stared us down and very clearly said 
"don't go"

She is bed ridden, very tiny, but her heart is strong, her grip is strong, and she is so sweet.

I was very thankful to have met her and hear about her life. I couldn't help but feel super special when we left because I said, "See you soon" and she said, "See you soon." 

Her two kids that were there were in tears, it's very rare that she is that alert for such a long time without falling asleep and that she was able to say so many words in a row.

Her son also thinks I remind Queen of someone she knows, because she kept just looking at me and staring like she couldn't quite figure me out. 

I feel so much love for this extremely Irish, Catholic to the bones, 92 year old lady.

We are teaching 2 new investigators and ask for prayers for both but especially the 17 year old. He wants to be baptized, but is worried about having his mothers acceptance. She grew up Jehovas Whitness and is now Baptist. She thinks Mormons are a cult and isn't quite open to learning the truth: that we're not a cult. 

We invited him to fast and we fasted with him yesterday. How stellar is he?

Pray for Chandler.

Dear Vicki Rendon and Lindsey Rendon, I received the adorable card and earrings in the mail and it made me so happy! You are the sweetest humans. Those earrings are perfectly me. 

Dear Walli and Lindsey: I was so happy you got to experience your humanitarian trips the past couple of weeks. I love you big.

Well I suppose that's enough, today I have a fun filled day of Fourth Of July shenanigans with the zone, the ward, and Paul + Paula. 

some of us in the ward got an early start on the celebration

(remember a year ago when I was... Swimming... with Miki and Chancey in the ocean where the Boston Tea Party happened in Mass. on Americas Birthday? MURICA)

I love ya'll

Happy Independence Day to everyone and their dog, but seriously people, keep your boots to yourselves because even if it is the American way, that doesn't justify.. never mind.  


and watch Captain America for me



I am someones fave mormon.

 Someone deflate my big head. ;)


Sister Saunders

Ether 2:12

THANKS Grandma Pat for the Fourth package!
Sister Pyper, Sister Jacobs and me:) Be true to the Red, White, & Blue!