Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My Future Husband + His Wife

Well here is a fact or two about blogging

right in alignment with most of my friends opinions, it is "so 2009"

Some people make a lot of money from blogging though

some people make up things to make their blogs more exciting

some people don't have blogs 

Some people just have really awesome advice about life so they share it

well I have a blog

it's actually my online journal

and as long as we have internet in this fine world we live in

I will have these experiences for the rest of my life, and my posterity will as well

so I will keep on keeping on with this whole bogging thing

do I make money? 


this aint no fashion blog folks

I don't talk about makeup

I don't have mom tips

because I definitely don't even have kids

and I'm not a full time set apart missionary anymore

but I am alive

and I learn things everyday about life love God and the pursuit of my very own personal happiness

This Things Are Of So Much Worth

to me and my parents

all four of them

because they love me

wow have I learned so much from everyone I meet

and I hope that we can mutually learn a lot from each other

so here is me inviting you to be my learning buddy

thank you for reading this

for teaching me with your experiences

and for hopefully learning from mine

or at least getting a kick out of them

this is a safe place

a place for me to share with the world 


my travels

my life

my heart

my strength

my weaknesses

and my trust in God

so without further a do 

here has been month two-ish of being home

signs of the fact that I'm still a RECENT returned missionary include

1. At work writing my "teacher name" on the board for the students and almost finishing 
"SISTER" instead of "Miss" Saunders

2. One child had an awesome Captain America lunch box, and to prove my love for Cap I brought my hands to my name tag to show her the sticker of him on the back.. only to feel nothing and realize again that I don't wear my name tag anymore.

3. I just asked my professor if my topic for my upcoming persuasive speech could be
 "The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Is True"
(side note: he said no so.. back to the drawing board)

4. "Ya'll... Yes Ma'am... Sir?"
(these are never going away if I have anything to say about it)

I love these little reminders. Sure they cause my heart to sadden sometimes, because I'm reminded that I am not a misionary, but mostly my heart is gladdened because I was.

I am so happy I made that decision. Over and over again. 

I don't even mind being awkward with boys.

mostly because that's how it was even before my 1.5 years of near-nun life.

I am currently a substitute teacher. I love it SO MUCH

Ya'll I am seriously so excited to be a teacher someday.

Because of this great job I have, I am already getting a taste of this magical world of education.

not to mention the fact that my job means getting paid to love and teach the generations of tomorrow.

You wouldn't believe how much it does for my self esteem either ;)

-cute kids who give me artwork

-hugs from kids

but don't get me started on the Jr. High kids

"Miss Saunders"


"What is your first name?"


"Wasuuuh Ryanne"

"You are not allowed to call me by my first name"

"Well can I call you by my last name?"


"I'm going to pretend you didn't just say that."

I cracked up as soon as that 14 year old boy was out of the room.

being a sub offers some world class entertainment

there is one class in jr. high that I sub for often, they can get super chatty

the funniest thing about it is the two boys that always sit together and all they do is talk in British accents

my first day they tried to convince me they are from England and I went along with it

they think they're tricking me, but really I'm tricking them into believing that I believe them

I know.. I'm a genius.

I call them the British brothers

One day during an 8th grade class, I walked up to the front of the room

"Okay I need your help." I said

"Hypothetically............. I have a... friend... who is going on a date next Wednesday. She doesn't really think it's going to go anywhere, but she already said yes. What should she do to kindly let him know."

I get paid to get advice on my love life. 

Oh yeah and I teach them too.

after that class was over, one of the girls walking out said

"tell your hypothetical friend I say have fun on your date" and she winked at me

I think they were on to me....

well I have just a few more stories to tell

two of them are attempts on my life

and one is how I found the love of my life

I'll start with the love of my life

loml as the young white girls say

after a few days of Disneyland with my mom, her sisters, and my grandma I was drunk on

the happiness of the happiest place on Earth with my Minnie ears safely in my carry on

suit case, and a Splash Mountain "Songs Of The South" sweatshirt wrapped around my

waist standing in line at the Long Beach, airport security waiting to put all my stuff

through an x-ray machine. 

The line wrapped around and I saw a fresh, handsome man in line. Next to me, but way ahead of me in line.

I thought "Okay he is marriage material."

too bad he probs doesn't have the same views on religion as me. + doesn't live anywhere near me..

because I'm in Calif rn..


Aproximately twenty minutes later I was in line to get on the plane to Utah

and right behind me walks up the fresh gentlemen that lowkey looks like Captain America


As I walked up the aisle I kept waiting for him to stop.. but he kept walking

my mom and I were sitting on a three seat row and I thought no way... he's going to sit by me

but instead he sat six rows ahead of me.

my aunt by herself sat three rows ahead of me

just on a whim I told her to trade me seats

three rows closer to the bae


lol.... I'm actually not boy crazy

when a french man comes to my seat and asks me if I will please trade him seats so that he may sit by his lovely wife

I agree

I ask where his seat is

he escorts me to the seat


I thought I was going to die

my mom knowing the reason why I traded seats with my aunt in the first place watched the whole thing and about fell out of her chair when she looked up to see me walking towards the cute boy 

he stood up as I walked over, and asked me if I prefer the outside or inside seat

I told him I didn't mind the middle

my heart skipped six or seven beats

then it stopped all together when his lifted his hand up and I saw it


the ring.

In a split second I made a very important decision

sometimes when we think everything is falling into place life throws a curveball

or in this case, a ring

but hey

it makes for a good story

even if we didn't end up living happily ever after

I was just hungover on fairy tales and prince charmings from the wonderful land of Disney

call me grotesquely optimistic

 but I will never stop looking for someone to put my lost shoe on,

Image result for disney prince lost shoe

 sing to me at my window,

Related image
 give me a library,

Image result for beast giving belle a library

and help me follow my dreams.

Image result for flynn rapunzel lanterns


let me tell you about the attempts on my life

1. In the fridge sat a bottle of gatorade

the red kind

"Mom whose gatorade is this?"


"Rachel can I have it?"


*Poured some in a separate cup and took a big swig

"Gross this tastes like it's from 1992"

*looks down at gatorade in cup and it's perfectly fine

*looks down at the bottom of the gaorade bottle to find

black chunks of mold

"oh my goodness where the fetch is this from.. mom are you serious look at this"

she started to... LAUGH


"I'm so sorry, I found that in Rachels room yesterday and put it in the fridge. Rachel when did you get that gatorade? How long has it been sitting in your room?"

"I got it the day we went to the Jensens... So like... Two weeks ago."

needless to say I lived and I'm very suspicious about my mother these days

and her casual attempt to murder me

on the subject of any other atempts of my life seriously I don't remember what the heck I was thinking of when I wrote that word plural clear up there, because I know there was more than one and now I can only think of that one I just mentioned.

I guess that's actually good news. lol.

As of late I have had the joys of Halloween activities that I have missed with my family such as the yearly scone and chili eating pumpkin carving party at Grandma Pats

I dressed up like my best friend Lindsey for Halloween and even wore her belt that has her name on it and took a pic or five with her favorite horse Diego since she's on a mission, someone had to be her for a day

I've been experimenting with my room and loving it! I love projects that make me feel like a HandyWoman

I have gone on hikes with my lovely fiends and to Idaho/Bear Lake with Walli

and I think this quote about sums it all up

"I just wanna kiss the whole world and hug all the planets"

I love my Father in Heaven for this lovely world and for the lessons to be learned and for his help in the trials we all face every single day.

especially when we don't feel like singing

"my oh my what a wonderful day"