Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween


 I've decided to dress up as a missionary for Halloween, so here are some pics of my costume ;)

Hello everyone it's been a fantastic week.

I have seen miracles, grown a lot, and loved a lot. It's 84 degrees here


Saying goodbye to Sister White on Wednesday is going to be rough, she has taught me so much and she has been such a bright spot. 
She has been a strength and an asset to the mission and an instrument in the hands of God no doubt. 
I LOVE YOU SEESTER and never forget

"Ooooh the shame... I changed my name."

So many crazy times breaking in to Ashleys house and pranking Elders and sharing the Holy Spirit. I have never laughed as hard as I have with you in my life. And I know so many things  are coming your way that will be amazing and wonderful and I can't wait to hear about all of them! 

The White family, thank you for sharing your daughter with me for 3 months and especially Florida/Alabama for 18 months. She is a blessing and she is an incredible human being. 

Warning: we were not on a date. 
We got to go to a football game and hand out pass along cards 
and cheer on some of the ward youth that won!!
IT WAS INSANE 10000 people there because it was the 4th biggest game in the country bc both teams (Crestview and Niceville) were undefeated!


I released 9 months worth of bottled up energy ;)

oh yeah... I hit my half mark in a few days...

That's all for this week sorry, no time (transfers are upon us) . I love you all stay 


Spa day Prep day with Taylor Corbin

<3 -Sister Saunders

My family carved a pumpkin for me:)