Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Freshenin' Up

I           AM           A        FRESH     WOMAN  (freshmen) (freshwomen) FRESHALICIOUS



Goodbye Martha, Hello Sharwan Smith

Sharwan waving hello to me^^

Two days is equal to forty eight hours which is equal to the amount of time I had between landing in Salt Lake City Utah (from Massachusetts) to actually driving to college.
Two days to:
Say goodbye to loved ones
take care of business
say goodbye to other loved ones
Irrelevant fun fact: I also got a terrible manicure. 

I did that stuff, and on the morning of August 20th I began my journey four hours south of my childhood city, to my college city. aka:
Cedar City

Shay and my grandma came over to say goodbye that morning, for which I am very grateful.


I had to make a stop on the way
to say hello and goodbye to my grandparents whom I had not seen for two months.
I sure love these people.

And with that I was on my way to SUU 

The two previous times I spent at SUU were each only a couple of days and they went something like this...
Team Whale at the Red Rioting Shenanigans 

LOL because Cedar City has a lighthouse
Why is that funny?
I've said it before and I will say it again
Utah.. Is a dry flippin' desert
I do love that lighthouse though :)
 A little of the Vineyard in Cedar to enjoy
Then road trip number two for orientation with my future roomate/Lindsbae
Clear Back In June

We went on a hike:)

and we explored some caves
Claustrophobia is real people
mind over matter

The white things are crystals :)

We made a stop on the way home to the new Payson Temple, it was breathtaking <3


Anyway, I loved it. That's the short version of those two trips to my future home

So going to college was not much different, I knew I would be seeing my family again in two weeks instead of two months so leaving this time was a lot easier. 

I knew what I was doing, but I must admit the whole finding classes ordeal was giving me anxiety, luckily all of my classes are only in two different buildings that are a very short distance away from each other. 
Sweet, I know

I got to my apartment to find Lindsey there in a different apartment than I was expecting with two less girls and clean surroundings because this apartment is the show apartment... 

Plus, I missed this girl even though it had been two days. 

^^^ Peas In A Pod ;)

My wonderful parents helped me move in, and the freshman/WelcomeToSUU festivities began

We have a tradition at Southern Utah University
We as Freshmen walk under the bell tower from West to East to symbolize the beginning, the rising of our Education here. Then, during the next four years, it is forbidden to walk under the bell tower until we are graduating and we will walk under it once more with our fellow graduates from East to West as our time here comes to an end, much like the setting of the sun. 
or worse 
So after some fun stuff, the entire group of freshmen walked under the tower. I did it. 
Huge Stepping Stone People

It was a super fun first few days.

I will mention this again on my FAV THINGS O' COLLEGE list,
but I get to practice my wife material skills on Lindsey

Yes I made this masterpiece.

For real first day of college 101: Remember who has your back. In your selfie and in our life ;)

This is an example of how awkward I felt inside all day walking around trying to not stick out like the newbie I am

This is an example of how I looked on the outside 
Fake It Till You Make It 
my motto

My first assignment as a newly refined young adult college human was to take a selfie.
A selfie.
And turn it in. 
As an assignment.
For points.
Take a selfie with items representing your fave stage of development.
I chose 


can you tell?

I <3 SUU

How much is too much.. 

answer: no such thing

That weekend, we got caught.

Red Handed

See what I did there? I made the word red... red. 

Now that I wrote red in red for you to read are you ready to read about red in red and painting the town so as well?

(say that ten times fast)

Paint The Town Red

It's where the whole town gets together. They close off mainstreet, we literally paint the town red. We also enjoy food trucks galore including but not limited to:


Which brings back memories of sluffing with Walli and pretending we were students at Weber High because Waffle Love was there and we wanted a waffle but we wore FHS silverline shirts to do so... 
not surprisingly we were caught figuratively red handed by their principal
luckily Walli knows the dude..

Now on to getting caught literally red handed.


That's pretty much it..

my hand was red..

moving on

Besides the food, there are games and activities and tons of clubs that want you to join them.

It was fun... but not as fun as getting a call from Lindsey exactly one week before that as I was on my way to Cedar City to tell me that the night of Paint The Town Red a certain band would be playing on main street for Paint The Town Red.

This certain band happens to be my favorite. 

I discovered them from my wonderful cousin Braden during our scuba lessons

My Favorite Band In Cedar City Just A Week After I Got There
For Free


I love VanLadyLove

I am a Vanladylover 

Sure enough that night we rocked out and found out about an after show in a park that we obviously were going to have to go to. 

I got to talk to all of them. And hug them. And touch Steele's beard in the park on the front row when he was playing the base two inches from my face. 






"I like your beard" 




So that was super fun to say the very least possible. My shirt is also really sick and evidence that 
that night actually happened. 


 Nature vs Nurture

I am learning about it in my human development class

I am experiencing a lack of nurture because I am no longer under the same roof as my mommy :( and Lindsey is not a touchy human
or male

So I have been over compensating my lack of nurture with nature which in itself has been a nurturing thing so I guess I have nothing to complain about.

Also: The way I am talking about nature and nurture is completely unrelated to what it is in my class. lol.


Nurture and Nature ;)

A Ryannimal Spotted In Her Natural Habitat

My Backyard^^

We also made a trip to the ST. George temple about forty five minutes away from us

It is the closest to Cedar

I will have more detail on college life in my next post, but here are three things to complain about and three things to love

1. My math teacher does not speak fluent English. After rumors that she was German, assumptions that she was Japanese, and another that she is from Austria, I am able to confidently confirm her nationality: China
Sweetest lady in the world, cannot say linear equation to save her life
2. I have no food
3. Books are an insane amount of mullah.

Things to love
1. Red and green mountains (best of both worlds)
2. My awesome roommates and neighbor Jamie
3. Testing out my wife skills on Lindsey and aside from burning the garlic bread twice, I am a chef.

for real do that^^