Monday, March 7, 2016

On Fleek in Florida

What didn't happen this week?

Hang'n with K****
Having a great time with the C***** family:)

Sister C is one of the most hilarious humans in the world and I love her dearly
AND she can sing like a flipp'n angel! 

Alexis wanted me to give her a shout out on my blog because she is the real O.G. 
(original gummy bear)
She is getting baptized on the nineteenth she's my age and she rocks my socks.

To be honest this is not going to be a long issue of Sister Saunders Spills because even though a lot happened this week, there is not a ton to note. 

I woke up everyday, exercised for a half hour, got ready, ate food, and studied for three hours.
 One hour of personal, one with the companion, one for my training.  Proselyted, ate food, taught, visited, searched for people, repeat.  Dinner, lessons, planning, bed.  Literally that's what we do. 

minus one huge thing

we see miracles
every stinking day
without fail


hearts soften~hearts change~ears listen~mouths open~God speaks


"I believe in miracles"

do you?

a challenge to all and to all a challenge

When you pray tonight to your Father above, ask Him for a miracle.

Ask Him to recognize a miracle you already have or have been given.

And ask Him to help you to be a miracle in someone else's life.

"ask an ye shall receive"

Then over the next few weeks, let me know your results if it's not too personal.
 I would love to hear about the miracles ya'll be witnessin' in ya life.

My home address can be accessed by emailing my mom

also if you're feelin it

cook some kale in butter and garlic
sprinkle some feta cheese on it

and eat it like candy because it's delicious

Holy Ghost game with the C***** family:)
L***** likes my name tag:)

now I have to talk about Paul and Paula for a second

I was able to visit these recent converts for the first time last Sunday and a few times since then. These two are the cream of the crop.

Paul tells the most hilarious stories and Paula is one of the sweetest ladies I know 
--not to mention a fabulous cook!

Paul has a super sick map of all the treasure sights in the South where pirates used to bury their treasure. It's so legit, made me want to be a pirate. 

Then I had this super intense dream that I was the captain of a pirate ship.

Naturally, I decided my dream in life if not to be a pirate is to at least live on a pirate ship.

We'll see how that goes.

Paul and Paula also have the most obese chihuahua in the world that they love like a child. Her name is Sweetie.  That's one thing I wasn't prepared for when it comes to the south, their dogs are equivalent to their immediate family.

Something else.

People say hurtful things without even realizing it. I would give examples but it's just not worth it to dwell on. 

People said some ugly things to Jesus Christ, it's no surprise they say hurtful things around His representatives. 

Just know, friends heading out to the mission field, that that's just how it is.  So what do you do?

You just raise your eyebrows, put them back, and walk away. :)

Last week Sister Christiansen and I went to the church to set up volleyball night in which the whole stake was invited. 

No one came. LOL

so we played volleyball for a while (one of Sister C's many hobbies)

 after we carried out the activity that was meant for 30 people by ourselves, I danced.

It felt so amazing no joke.

So thankful for a companion that lets me dance, and listens to me play the piano.  She rocks my socks off.

A few of ya'll have been asking about the tornado situation and have been wondering about some extra details

It has been fifty years since a tornado has come to my area like that.  There was a tornado a few days before I got here and one a week after I got here which was the one I described in my last blog post. 

apparently Satan did not relish my arrival ;) 

just kidding, but for reals I am alright and tornado's are not my favorite but the main concern coming up is hurricane season because "we are due for a big one."

Luckily, Salt Lake doesn't mess around and we will be evacuated if a storm is detected.
I am safe and in good hands.

My Mission President and his wife have a blog too and here are the pics from the Clean Up Crew I was privileged to be on...

I really appreciate the letters throughout the week!

 mail time bomb
Shout out to Nanny and Gramps for sending a month supply of soup and crackers, you two are the best.

I also received a Darth Vader poster from Miki (she's serving a mission in Arkansas) and she marked it up talking about the helmet of truth and the cape of righteousness... made my life.

I truly can't stress the importance of our origins. Where we came from..

If you're looking for something to study, no matter what religion you are, I invite ya'll to study the origins of your beliefs.

The timeline and the history involved.  It will blow your mind I promise, I have had the unique opportunity to learn of the origins of many of the religions of the Earth and it has been an eye opener.

I love this gospel! I love my Savior, and I am thankful for the strength and security He provides. 

I am really great  I love it here, one month flew by! two more and I can see yall for our Mother's Day skype!

Until next week,


p.s. everyone and their dog makes fun of me because I have personalized cards to send to people. So I need to get rid of them. By sending them out to ya'll ;) 

Sister C

"Did we even grow up in the same religion. Your high school had like eight stakes in it.  My stake had like eight high schools in it."

"We don't have no Deseret Book in California, we ordered it all online."

"I had no idea what Down East was until my mission."

"I heard that the Salt Lake City Temple has lights in the winter.."

Line of the week:
( the father of the recent convert family I always talk about was a little confused about his teenage daughters vernacular.)

"She came home and was like 'my squad is on fleek'   ...what does that even mean?"

heh heh heh