Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Senior Trippin'

For my senior trip I have always wanted to go to India. (Who doesn't?) naturally as I grew up, peeked at my bank account and realized I wasn't going to graduate high school with my associates degree like that one kid in every one of my classes, I came to the conclusion that there was a better plan. Two of my friends since early Junior High times and my parents decided an all inclusive cruise to the Caribbean would be just as exciting, and we would accomplish our goal of one "last big hurrah" before we sell our souls to maturity and responsible adult stuff.. ;)
 (Italicized to look more sophisticated)

 And So It Began. We set sail for one of the most memorable weeks of my life and it all starts with...

Day One: The Temple

It had always been a hopeful part of the plan to make it to the temple closest to the airport in Florida, so after flying from 12 am to 6 am (time change included) we drove straight to the Fort Lauderdale temple.

 It was absolutely beautiful. Dedicated just one year ago, it was exciting to be able to visit a new temple for us that was also new to them. We did baptisms for the dead, and fell asleep on the grounds waiting for a taxi.

Coming from the recently snowed on Utah to sunny and 85 was nice to say the least. #snowinapril #byeutah
The rest is a blur of taxis, customs, security, and setting sail to the middle of the Big Blue.  

Day Two: This Episode Includes A Poor Unfortunate Soul, Swimming Horses, 48 years, and Unlikely Fish food

Our fist stop: Half Moon Cay.
We took a bike tour which brings me to "That One Girl.. lol" On the bike tour, my goon squad and I were grouped with three other girls. Taniya and Ty (later known as our black friends) and That One Girl who was there by herself. As we chose our bikes, that one girl accidentally knocked her bike over, which caused a ripple of 42 bikes falling on each other domino style. (42 is an exaggeration) We helped her pick them all up, accidents happen and the poor girl was super embarrassed. As we embarked on our jungle bike tour, I was second to last in line and apparently during the ride, I didn't notice that That One Girl (she was the last in our line) completely biffed it right behind me. After a moment down the trail.. I realized I could not hear her bike and I turned around to see, nothing. I figured maybe she went down a different path and wasn't part of our tour and continued on. Without much thought, a few minutes later we came to a stop to learn about the swimming horses on the island, and abra cadabra, That One Girl was there putting her bike on the rack.. and instead of knocking the other bikes over, the entire bike rack came out of the ground with the force of her bike and crashed to the sand. As I helped her pick it up, Taniya noticed that That One Girl had a steady waterfall of blood cascading out of her leg. (again, a bit of an exaggeration) and That One Girl SMILING told us that she had unfortunately crashed her bike on the way, and that no one had noticed so she just did her best to catch up to us. Oh and please don't worry "I'm fine"
 Poor sweet girl.
I felt like the biggest loser of 2k15.. lol.. only not lol.. I hope it heals quickly.
That One Girl.. You're in my prayers.

I can sum up the swimming horses in two sentences: Normal horses forced to live on a hot sandy island and walk in circles in a small arena carrying tourists that have been eating.. and eating.. It was super sad and on top of it all, they have to swim in the salty ocean with the tourists.. 
still on their backs.
..Say No To Animal Cruelty..

(Note the swelling going on in the cheek area of my face, that will be important later)

 Fortunately we did not do the swimming horses tour, we did the bike tour. So soon enough we were on our way again.  Next stop water break. We stopped and what happened next is what I like to call "Todo, I don't think we're in Utah anymore.."
It started when I spotted the cutest old couple I've ever seen What made them even more admirable, was that they had just gotten off of jet skis and looked completely bad for old people. Like.. these elderly people were at least 75 and they had just rapped up a jet skiing sesh shredding up the waves probably faster than any youngling I know. 
Naturally when I see a cute old couple, I have to ask them for relationship advice and whatnot, and being the friendly person I am, I walked right up to them to ask them
 "How are you guys, are you enjoying your vacation?!"
"all I heard was crickets.."
They nodded and turned away so I felt the need to keep talking. I asked them if they were hear for anything special. The old lady told me just for fun and gave me another strange look. It didn't occur to me at the time that maybe... Utah is a little different in the way that we talk to people.
No worries, they warmed up to me, and realized I wasn't the stereotypical teenager that is disrespectful to everyone.
 (I have yet to meet a teenager that fits the stereotype of one, maybe because I am one.. uh oh)
  I found out that these cute old married people had been so for 48 YEARS!!! There's hope in the world.
Their secret to success according to the old man: "You're in charge." he pointed to me.
 I will refer to this whenever me and future husband have a debate.
Now the fish food..
I'm sorry that was harsh, I do care just skip this section.
 You might want to just skip it anyway because it's a little personal and disgusting.
Really gross in fact.
Notable Background Information: I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out two weeks prior. After the plane ride, there was unusual pressure and pain in my lower left socket where the stitches had dissolved, and the hole was closed.. or so I thought.
The pressure/pain began just after the plane ride so I was thinking that maybe because the hole was closed up, some air pressure was stuck in my socket. Being the brave soul I am I took a safety pin and attempted to let that air out... bad Idea. In the middle of the night I woke up in a lot of pain, I was worried I was going to have to see the doctor on the ship, so I decided THEE doctor was a better choice.
My dad and my friend's dad gave me a blessing and what happened while snorkeling that day, after biking and talking to strangers, was an answer to prayers and I have no doubt, a blessing from my Father in Heaven.
Swimming around, trying to find fish, the snorkel in my mouth pushed against my gums and... POP. 
I'll exclude too much further detail, thank goodness for salty oceans that are supposedly cleansing...
The fish were happy with the mess that came out, blood shmutz and all. They swarmed me and although it was so not worth it, I found a bright side to that nasty situation, and an answer to prayer.