Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Things Done Been Happenin'

Alraheet People 

thay ...uhh reason faw this here post is ta let y'all know just exactly what's been a-goin' on in my life faw thay ...uhh past few mownths ay have nahwt been supuurr up ta date ta say thay ...uhh least so ay have some highlights faw y'all

Just a sample of what's to come near the end of my Mission Updates from the South. 

Is it weird to admit the fact that if you were to ask me whether or not I was making fun of those Southern Alabama/ Northern Floridian swamp people
 I would 
without hesitation 
respond with 

naw av course nahwt 

in fact ay look fawward ta tha ...uhh day that ay am as awesome possum as those there people

(shout out to redneck translator at lingojam.com)

no kidding, those accents are indeed super rad

Ay feel as if ay ned ta get a-movin' on ta tha gosh darn good stuff


California Crew

We decided in the beginning of November to pull a trip to California right out of our behinds like spiders pull webs out of theirs: practically out of nowhere

Why not?


Why so?
it is warmer
and sunnier

it had already snowed in Cedar City at this point in Nov. for crying out loud.

and we discovered we are only 6 to 7 short hours away from the lovely


"California girls Crew we're undeniable"

"California. Where we sailed into the shining sea."

So after a short mix up where Lindsey locked her keys in the trunk of her car just as we were about to leave our apartment for Cali,

(okay it was me)

we called a locksmith and apologized for our lack of smarts

(okay my lack of smarts)

and with that we were on our way..
to Californ-i-a

we got to a friend's aunts house, slept, woke up early and spend the whole day soaking in the sun
Beach Style 


life notes: Frisbee is not my thing

other life notes: 80 degrees is greater than 35 
as in, it's a higher number and it's also higher on my happy list

Secondly, Lindsey and I were in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

pausing to let that sink in


we were in the second best thing though, the Cedar City Story Book Thanksgiving/Christmas/StarWars Parade


Yeah. Parade 2015



"Yeah sometimes I feel like I should start my own restaurant" said me as I sat down on the couch to give my oil on the stove some time to heat up.

14 seconds later 

"Whats that sme--" *looked up to see billows of smoke coming from said pot.


(she was closer)

*ran as fast as I could as Lindsey picked the smoking pot up off of the stove

literally just as she picked up the pot 


We were in shock

I still managed to laugh on the other side of the flames which I promise that I  know, that in that situation that was not an appropriate thing to do 


I heroically remembered something about killing a flame with flour

as Lindsey stood there holding fire like a champ in her right hand she took one fistful of flour to the face like......
 a champ...

then another and another and another

at this point what we had before us was:

still fire + a covered in flour Lindsey, standing in a pile of flour

Freaking out because I just KNEW water was not the answer, the fire alarm was sounding
and down came my roommate Nicole as cool as a cucumber and she simply said amongst all the panic and screaming

"Take it outside"

the end.. It was freezing out there and wet bc.. snow


Advice from the internet I googled shortly after: Don't use flour or water on a grease fire. 


Weekly Temple trip to St. George was more interesting than usual

If you haven't taken a pic with a stuffed boar, you should. 


Jacky Chan Opened her call to the Spokane Washington Mission sprekin' Spanish!!!!!!

Plus Miki Left on her mission. So there's that.
This time scale is not super accurate keep in mind, but I had to announce it. Miki has been gone about two weeks and is loving it. She gave me super good advice.
She said the first day is hard, and long. But just like all hard things, it comes to an end, and the learning/refining begins.

This was our last picture together for about a year and a half. Saying goodbye was rough, but I will be joining her in just a month! and time will fly.


Miki sent me this the day of her farewell.



Trip to the cabin with some of my favorite people.
Bear Lake was super fun, especially the razor ridin'

You can call us bad. Literally we are so thug it's unreal.

Don't ask me why Jared tried to end my life with my own beanie, I have no idea. 

It was great to have a fire in the middle of the woods over looking a lake in a blizzard.
We took this chance to get in tune with nature.
And review survival techniques because oops..
We almost got snowed in and all we had were a couple of cans of Pepsi by the second day.

when you open the door and...


Again, not in order. But I had to say goodbye to Cedar City.

At this moment all of the great people I met at SUU and in my ysa ward are back to school and I'm not because in twenty one days I will be going on a mission!

Which is great... but let me tell ya... the boredom and horrible shopping sprees are endless at the moment.

Anyway, my last day was heart wrenching.

I was moving out and needed help lifting my mini fridge.

so Linds and I sent the word out and in less than three minutes, this is what showed up at my door.

Just one of many examples of why I have loved life down in Southern Utah.


one of the main reasons I love life in general

is my former roommate

current best friend for the rest of time

Lindsey Jean

I also love her because she reads my blog and therefore knows the significance of a Steinway
as shown in this video.





duh duh duh


duh duh duh


dun duh duh dun

a long time ago in a galaxy far far away......

round one

Round Two


Enough Said.



I realize I skipped Thanksgiving on this post, but these days, that's how America does.

To make up for that: I'm Thankful for Thanksgiving and good food and all my blessings. 

God Bless The U.S.A

Annual Christmas party with this crew of cousins. I love the traditions we have that my grandma started and has kept up since I was a wee lass.

Especially the part when we take flowers to the mall, split up into groups of two, and share flowers with people that we see around that look like they could use a flower to cheer up their day.

The Season Of Giving <3

I am the daughter of an artist. He painted me this picture of my lighthouse in MV
What a stud. <3 thank you Da

Florida Here I Come

The day after Christmas I was able to go through the temple.

The sacredness of this experience was one I will never forget. The spirit, the peace, it all resonated truth and beauty. I will never forget it.

I told a lot of people the truth when I said I woke up that morning like a kid on Christmas way more
than I did the day before on the actual Christmas day.

Ma and Da

I am accepting bribes to date my handsome cousins. I will accept money or Coke. ;)


WARNING: Sparkling Cider above^^ No Alcohol and no animals were harmed in the taking of this polaroid. 

Went up to the cabin with all the cousins and grandma Pat.


I will edit this and put the pictures/videos of snowmobiling asap! Until then, enjoy this
video below instead.


Make It A Good Day Ya'll