Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Calling

As a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints I have chosen to serve a mission. 

What does this mean?

All Latter Day Saints aka Mormons have the option to go on one of these
For girls the option becomes available to us at the age of 19, for boys it is 18.

It means that if you are a young man, you will leave your family for 2 years to a place you did not choose. 
If you are a woman, you will leave your family for a year and a half to a place you did not choose.

As a Sister Missionary or an Elder Missionary, (girl or boy) you may or may not have to speak another language, learn another culture, or eat weird food. 
You put your life on hold, missing out on time that could have gone towards, 
college, scholarships, relationships, friends, jobs.

Absolutely no communication with friends and family outside of an email once a week on the designated preparation day. 
No phone calls, no texts, no visits.

You are allowed 2 Skype or phone calls a year to see/talk to your family.
on Christmas and on Mothers day.

Missions. Are. Hard.

How much does a Mormon Missionary get paid?



..why on Earth or out of Earth would anyone..


to do all of the above 


good answers:

as a healthy worthy able young man it is a commandment

as a young woman with a desire to serve it is encouraged

as I leave my family, I will be serving God's family

as I experience another culture I will learn diversity

as I eat foods strange to me I will also be feasting upon the words of Christ

as I put progression towards my degree on hold I will progress towards my divine potential

as I pause relationships/friendships at home I will gain friendships with the people I serve and 
strengthen my relationship with Christ to a level I have never known

Linds Walli and Mads

Miki. Not Pictured: Jacky Chan

as I forfeit the money I could have earned for 18 months I will earn a greater reward and abundance of blessings from above that will last an eternity 

as my communication all but disappears with the ones I love at home my communication with
The Spirit will be constant and clear

as I get homesick I will teach others that they have a heavenly home and that they can partake of happiness they have never known because of a family
 that if they could remember, they would feel a homesickness much more hard hitting than my own.

My Brother Saul

Siblings Seth and Rachel

Ma and Da

as my academic knowledge is set aside the knowledge that I have come to know that this is the true church on the Earth today as the restored gospel of Jesus Christ
will continue to grow and impact others

as I focus less on myself I will develop a love for the people I serve and a selflessness that will bless
me with a happiness I have not known before

those are the good answers

this is the best answer and it's only one

Because I Love Him

ultimately all of the good answers fall under this one

I love God

so I will serve him

for 18 months 

is it scary?

(currently working on that whole faith not fear thing people talk about)



for sure I have moments of distress 

(panic/anxiety attacks that make me question myself about things that don't even really matter like)

"what was I thinking.. I love naps!!!!! I. Love Naps. I can't take naps on my mission. 


that's it. I can't do it."  

the important part is what I keep reminding myself:

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengtheneth Me

followed by some more intense self motivation


but less violent.. 

more like this ;)

Followed by some prayers for the comfort abundantly provided to me from the spirit.


a little advice if you are planning on going or thinking about it


but only by relying on help from God


Step one: Completed my mission papers. Check. Wisdom teeth out, dentist approved, physical done.

Step two: Learn.

Step three: my papers were submitted to the brethren where one of the apostles looked at my papers to receive revelation as to where I need to go for a year and a half.

Step four: I anxiously waited for the arrival of that letter in the mail. I had no idea where I would be going so naturally I was a ball of nerves.

(Side note: The fact that the place I have thought about since I was nine was on a paper somewhere in the mail, but I couldn't know yet where i'd be living for 1.5 years drove me nearly insane)

Step five: Wait

Step six: I went to the mailbox (many times) and there. it. was. after weeks of waiting for it, months of preparation, and years of knowing I was going to do this, it was finally here.

Step seven: I thought about all of the ways I could open it and reseal it so I could know and my parents would still think I was opening it for the first time with them.

Apparently it's as simple as having a clothing iron at your disposal, in case you're curious.
(no worries, I didn't try it just in case)

Step eight: Decided to make an eight hour road trip with Lindsey to open it with my family because I just could not wait another second to open it, so my mom had to throw together a call opening party in less than one day with all of my family and friends there to participate.


Everyone wrote their names on tape and put the small pieces on the map to show their guesses as to where I would be going.

Step nine:

 Dear Sister Saunders.

you are hereby called as a missionary for the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

You are assigned to labor

in the

Florida Tallahassee Mission

Talk about a wonderful Christmas gift <3 

English speaking, down south, humid, hot, beautiful, rainy, swampy, beaches, grits, 'gator hunting,
deep-fried, bible belt,

 Northern Florida.
(the pan handle)

"Labor Of Love"

The Sunshine State

half of my mission is in Alabama as well where many of my ancestors are from


I will be leaving February 3rd to the mtc
(Empty Sea;)

Missionary Training Center
to learn for about two weeks how to live and serve for the next eighteen months


Note: This was on sweet Kal's SnapChat <3

and nervous



So thankful for the gospel/people I've been blessed to know that have the ability to push me out of my comfort zone, and teach me about life. It's as simple as that.

Coach Misty