Saturday, July 11, 2015

Trippin' Into Martha's Vineyard Week: 3

Ladies And Gents I Present to You


The Captain Kind

Yes I know this is a long quote.


Captain America is my favorite Super Hero. Huge deal because I love almost all superheros. 
 He has it all. 
The gentleman lover that I am can't help myself when it comes to this fictional character. 
He is kind, humble, respectful, the obvious: attractive, old fashioned, religious, and 

P  I  T  I  C

I realize no one is perfect, I could work on my appreciation for 'Merica as well, but I think that a lot of people could use a kick in the pants from Uncle Sam. 
This country is amazing. 
There are many amazing countries.. I believe that
But I have absolute pride in mine.
 The values, the roots this country is built on are something to be proud of, and more importantly, to be grateful for. 

I sure love this place we call the United States of America, did I mention my favorite subject in school has always been U.S. History? 

I also love celebrating Independence Day


The Fourth Of July

But I am getting ahead of myself as I often do, and there was a whole week before that.


Not much to report happened before that, but my boss did give us a ride home from stop n' shop, so that's exciting. 


We did go on a nature walk though


and we ended up on a beach called Little Beach where we scoped out the rays, and also the local art.

I almost forgot to mention, as hard as it has been.. I found my favorite house in Edgartown.

A Day In The Life


It happened. 

The Fourth Of July


Granted, these waters held the Boston Tea Party, but like I have mentioned before.
 This place takes patriotism to not just another level, but to another forty seven levels. 

There were houses with red, white, and blue lanterns.
Patriotic lights strung all over.
 Fireworks all night, parades all day, ice cream lines clear down the road because so many people ferried over here for the holiday.
It was a beautiful sight. 
The Star Spangled Banner could and still can be spotted ANYWHERE you are. 

BC it isn't an official holiday without a Snap Chat and red lipstick. 

I got to watch a cool parade with some elderly fellows reenacting revolutionary times 

 May Everyday Be Full Of Gratitude That Such A Country Is Ours

Shout Out Time

You taught me what patriotism was, you volunteered, you still tear up every time someone blesses 
"the men and women fighting for our country"
in a prayer, you are my hero and I love you. 
Thank you grandpa Vaughn (Gramps) for playing a part in the safety, freedom, and comfort I enjoy because of the men and women like you that have willingly defended those things for me.

Happy Fourth From Here In The Vineyard