Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 2's Been Waitin' For You

Day Two In The
"Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of"

We woke up

and went to the Highline Park.

Basically, my uncle told me this park used to be tracks for an L train. 
Elevated Train.
They stopped using this train, and tracks, so an artist decided to make it a park.
An L park,
An Elevated park.

We walked through, it was beautiful.


Just off the Highline is a place called Chelsea Market in the meat packing district.

Listen Up everyone, if you are ever in NYC and you love food 


Chelsea Market

Eating my Italian Ice Cream Peach/Watermelon

I'm honestly having trouble finding the best way to describe it because I am so excited just thinking about it. I want to go back there more than anywhere else in New York. 

Basically you walk in, and it's like a mall, but instead of clothing shops left and right, it's small food places. 
Bakeries, gelato, italian market, meat market, Japanese, sushi, taco stand shop, doughnuts, bread shop, actual restaurants, a cheese shop, and more. 

So naturally we tried it all. 

Each little shop we would get something small to share.
Sarabeth's Bakery was the first stop and no joke, I had the best creme brulee I have EVER had in my life. Believe me, that should be tough because I have had some amazing Creme Brulee. But it was easy for this place, it swept all other past competition by a mile. 
I didn't have time to take a picture, it was gone too fast.

Miki's Dream Job

We shared a cannoli at the Italian shop and some eggplant cheese marinara thing. Miki got some cheese at the cheese place.. it was like, amazing cheese..
We also tried bread at a bread place, ate gelato at the end, and stopped by a doughnut shop where we watched the mini doughnuts being made. The fun thing about this place, is you got to choose what kind of sugar you wanted on them.
We chose a lemon and raspberry herb sugar that was really tasty. 

Holy Cow.... :P

We didn't want to leave.

But we had some more stuff to see

So we hopped on a subway and ended up at

Hershey's and M&M World

Funk gon' give it to you

Little Shay M&M's <3

Then we were off to the Natural History Museum

My fave dinosaurs since pre-K, the Duck Bills

Dum Dum Give Me Gum Gum

Then came one of the most unforgettable life changing moments evaa


More Specifically

Phantom Of The Opera

We had to change in the bathroom of the Museum, but this is New York.
You gotta do what you gotta do.
And no one judges you because they are more than likely even stranger than you. 

So we Suited Up

We went to the show

We cried

We laughed

We sang all the way home

We took pictures at H&M

I met my idol Captain Jack Sparrow

We ate at an authentic Italian place called Becco

And those watching would think we went on to live normal lives




Phantom Of The Opera

Oh My Heck 

said Ryanne to her boss the next day

It was life changing

The chandelier really dropped!

"Oh my heck? 
What does that mean?
 I've never heard that one before"

Was all he could say.

Mormon Swearing 

That night after dinner, we went to our loft, slept, arose at the break of dawn, and got on a bus to get on a ferry to get on a bus to get to Edgartown to get to work. 

Bye Bye Brooklyn

 Bye Bye NYC


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